360 controller power issue. Board repair?

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    Nov 26, 2010
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    I just picked up a 360 and I'm having problems getting the controller to work. Wondering if you guys had any insights.

    First, I only had a AA battery pack. I could hardly get it to do anything, but when I did, the player 4 light would come on as soon as I inserted the batteries. See video:

    imgur. com/a/FPrKBR8

    Then I went and got a Nyko charge and play kit (BTW, on clearance at Walmart for $11). The battery pack didn't work for me, so I plugged up the cable. When I insert the cable, the green light on the cable flashes once, but that's it. See video:

    imgur. com/a/Y45djHF

    My current theories are a cold solder joint somewhere, or a short circuit. Can anybody help? Thanks.
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    You could take the controller apart and inspect for damage visually. Other than that, check continuity and resistances. But Im not sure where values could be found. 360 controllers can be bought cheap at thrift stores and yard sales though.