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    1. Is ther a good tutorial on where to find icons for, and how, and where to add them to the sd card for use with loadiine. whether it be a vc, wiiu, or inject. from what i understand is all about the meta just not sure how to find these things

    2. is there a reputable place to get games for the wii u either wii u itself or other games like injects or even eshop vc. I know of one just wondering if there is something better out there i havent found yet that might be more complete

    3. how do i update games that i own on disk without allowing an update to come though. can it be done? tried playing lego dimensions with my daughter and the game wouldnt load unless i updated it. any tutorials on how to complete this with actual game disks and with loadiine games.

    please keep in mind im not one to ask without doing some research first but so far i havent been able to find a good solution
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    1. I mean, some of the places which can't be mentioned have tutorials up. I won't be linking to them (see answer 2). So, the simplest answer I can give is to just create you own meta folders by dumping one yourself and simply editing it in application like GIMP, all the TGA files can be imported and exported using this. Let your creative juices flow.

    2. This can't be answered on this forum. I'm sure some people will comment "that thingy site" as a vague hint though. They pretty much all have the same things as far as I'm aware.

    3. To be honest. No idea. I use nusgrabber for import games which I've dumped to my SD. But, as the firmware update hasn't happened I've just been updating all my disc/digital games the normal way.
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    I'll paste my mini-guide which explains most of this.
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