3.55 Boot from XMB

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    There are too many threads in regards of this, not necessarily here on GBAtemp, and I'm pretty lost so here goes

    I prefer booting games on the XMB over Backup Managers for personal preference but I have no idea how to make my own, can someone dumb it down for a person who has no knowledge of hexediting or using cmd prompt often enough?

    Also, is there a unified database somewhere where I can download these XMB eboot.pkg? This thing is cluttered on almost all forums.

    And I've tried Autoboot and stuff but they don't work half the time. I'm on 3.55 Kamew or w/e
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    I did say I would make a guide but alas I have been busy lately with exams, honestly it isn't worth the effort now we can run the games with the Backup Managers, the compatibility rate using the eboot method is probably something like 40%, and even then most games require extra steps to get running.
    Take a look at this post for a quick overview on the matter, with some tools that help.