2 Emunand to 1 ?

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  1. Kever

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    Sep 14, 2009
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    I have 2 x 32gb cards. Both have the same Emunand/Nand-encryption. But they have different games on it.

    What is the easiest way to copy all content to another 128gb card without losing saves and games and not installing cias again?

    Is there a way to import ticket.db to another ticket.db?

    O3DSXL 9.2 / Emunand 10.5 / Gateway / HBL / rxTools
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  2. Syphurith

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    Mar 8, 2013
    Xi'an, Shaanxi Province
    If you have CakesFW setup. Try its newest Multi-Emunand Support.
    Extract the old emunand from different cards, and use MultiNandCreator (by DarkMatterCore) to combine.
    More to be asked please tag mid-kid and DarkMatterCore.

    Sorry, no easy way for combine the db. Structure of db files isn't quite understand.
    However you can have multi emunand if not using GW. If you insist to have that with GW, email GW please.
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