1964 1.0 and sourcecode released

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    After 5 years of inactivity, one of the best N64 emulators for the PC has become open source and had a new (and apparently final) release. For those in the N64 emulator scene, you should know that at once time, this emulator was on par, if not better than the current leading emulator Project64. It had the same plugin interface, but benefited from being a considerable amount faster. Huge thanks to Schibo who coded this excellent emulator and decided to release a newer source code.

    The last release was in 2004 and was version 0.9.9. This new version makes it to 1.0. Within the archive are not only the updated emulator, but also the source code which is free for anyone to alter now.


    * Kirby's face doesn't stay smashed in with block-linking set to on in Kirby64 - The Crystal Shards.
    * Loading from a save state would sometimes cause the audio to disappear.
    * LLE RSP audio plugin (1964 audio 2.7). We created a code generator that reverses RSP microcodes to C. The generated C source is provided but we are not currently releasing portions of the code generator that creates the C files (namely Gerrit's DSP opcode source). Fear not, we provided enough for you to build the project.
    * Speed - although running with the RSP LLE audio plugin will slow things down.
    * Plenty of other things I am forgetting since it's been so long.

    You can get the source and current compiled release here-

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    I liked it better then P64 because it didnt produce as many or wreck the gfx/textures on certain games
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    I never really took N64 emulation that far but good to see this happening, I reckon I could learn a lot from looking at this code.