Hacking 15% Trick Questions. [SSBB]


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Feb 19, 2008
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I'm going to be using the Dual Layer copy of NTSC-J Brawl when my Wii comes back from getting chipped, once I burn it to a DL-DVD [verbatim] and turn on my Wii with a WiiKey (1.9g, regionfii on using the 1.3 configuration disc) do I need to make another copy of the ISO but with Brick Blocker?


1. Burn a copy of SSBB (Without Brick Blocker)
2. Burn a copy of SSBB With Brick Blocker
3. Turn on the Wii, Insert SSBB Without BB.
4. Let the update run to the 15%, pull out the power and turn on the Wii.
5. Use the BB'd version of SSBB to run the game.

OR Can I do it like this?

1. Burn a copy of SSBB (Without Brick Blocker.)
2. Turn on the Wii, Insert SSBB Without BB.
3. Let the update run to 15%, pull out the power and turn on the Wii.
4. Keep SSBB Without BB in and run the game perfectly.

I've heard many different things about how to do the 15% one and the stickied thread doesn't really help with what I'm hearing from this site: http://psx-scene.com/forums/wiikey/64135-s...ing-wiikey.html

Could somebody, anybody, help me before my Wii comes back? Thank-you.


P.S: As I said, this is my Wii getting modded, it's my first time ever burning a game, I'm aware of how to burn Wii games, On nero, slow speed etc, I've seen a video of it being done. But I don't quite understand all this 15% stuff and how to make SSBB work without potentially screwing my wii up in the future with those double channels....

WHICH WAY IS THE SAFEST?!? What one do I use?! I really need help with this please someone explain this!

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