022-2812 & DeviceID Patching Speculation & Discussion

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    I'm creating this thread because this one: https://gbatemp.net/threads/ohai.449717/ got closed due to OP not making it, having no idea how it works, and not being the one to release it if it were to get a public release.

    While it is does kinda suck that they wouldn't really release any definite information other than the fact that it's a system module (and obviously has to do with the DeviceID), I do personally believe there should be an open discussion topic for this, as there are a lot of users with this issue, who would like to have it resolved.

    If you weren't able to watch it, the now private video in the thread above showed their 022-2812 ban, and them rebooting into Luma settings to enable the "Enable FIRMs and modules loading from SD" option. After that option was enabled, they rebooted back into the system and the 022-2812 error appeared to be gone when trying to link a new NNID.

    You can read previous speculation/theories the thread linked above.
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    While I completely agree,I'm kinda scared that the thread might become as bad as the previous one: everyone was just spamming OP with questions and not actually speculating.
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