007-200 eshop Error + CIA install error

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  1. nimport nawak

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    Nov 20, 2005
    Hello every one.
    I just passed the last two day looking for how fixing this two problems that was after all the same one so I thought I could help other people with the solution I found.

    Here is what happens :
    I recently installed Luma + a9hlhack on my 11.2 following 3DS.guide
    After some tried of bringing back my eshop item and getting some black icons menu pb, I'had restored my Nand Backup several time and finally got this issue :

    Installing a CIA resulted to :
    Failed to install CIA file.
    Result code: 0xC8804478
    Level: Status: (25)
    Summary: Not found (4)
    Module: FS (17)
    Desc: Doesn't exist / Failed to open (120)

    And going to eshop got me 007-200 error.

    Here is the solution I found :

    Hope it will save some time for other people.
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    Do you have the .db files in "SD:/Nintendo 3DS/(id0)/(id1)/dbs"?

    Back then up first..
    If you do, try to delete them and make blank files of them. After that, enter system settings and go to data management to fix it.
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  3. nimport nawak

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    Nov 20, 2005
    Has I said, it's What I've done and it works. I was just posting the solution to a problem I had difficulty to resolve.