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Let's take a seat and talk about tables, ones where luxury and comfort mix together perfectly to create this premium gaming-focused desk from MojoDesk.



In GBAtemp's continuing quest to seek out the best from gaming accessory manufacturers, we find ourselves looking at an interesting take on an everyday product this time around. MojoDesk is a relatively new name, having recently come out with a line of gaming desks that allows its users to adjust between sitting and standing at the press of a button. Assuring comfort, stability, and ideal ergonomics, it's time to put it to the test, and see if it lives up to MojoDesk's promises.

Upon receiving the desk, I immediately was stunned by the vast amounts of boxes that arrived at my front door. The heavy boxes contained the desk itself--the frame and the tabletop--while the smaller boxes were for the multitude of included accessories; the CPU hanger, the cable tray, the powerbar, and the MAGicSNAP cable chain. A monitor arm is also included, though it is not pictured in this review. There's a lot of items to get through and assemble, and while the instruction manual is a bit lacking, the process is very intuitive. The larger cardboard box folds out, effectively becoming a mat that you can use to prevent the desk from getting scuffed up, as you'll be moving it occasionally while putting it together. It took me about 35 minutes to unpack and piece together the parts. Unfolding the frame and slotting the legs into place was incredibly easy, as was tightening all the screws with the included tool. One of the last steps requires you to lay the tabletop top-down, and lift the completed metal legs onto it, and affix them together. After that, all you need to do is to flip it back over, and you're done. I would personally recommend having a second person for the latter two steps, especially if you're like me, and lack upper arm strength to lift something that heavy on your own.

Clocking in with dimensions of 60x30, the MojoDesk has space for everything, easily fitting two 27" monitors, a Nintendo Switch, a microphone, and everything else that most users will require room for, and then some. Smaller and larger versions exist, measuring out at 48x30 and 72x30 respectively. I find that the 60x30 model is exactly perfect for my needs, holding all my tech, while leaving some room for other things that add a personal touch. As far as appearance goes, the desk also excels in that department, looking sleek, but also visually distinctive with its "carbon fiber" coloration pattern. This makes it stand out as something unique while still retaining a subtle, professional look. On the front of the desk is a tapered edge, as well as a slight curve that serves to make things more comfortable as you rest your arms on it, which goes a long way when you're playing games with a keyboard and mouse. It's a rather simple addition, but after my time with the Mojodesk, I don't think I could go back to a standard desk that lacks the ergonomic feel that this offers.


Review imageReview imageReview image

One of the most important features about the desk is its ability to raise and lower at the press of a button. A small electric motor is seated within the frame, and an LCD panel is affixed to the corner of the desk itself. Up to four height presets can be saved, which makes it easy to go from sitting down to standing up in a matter of seconds. There's support for people as short as 4'11, and as tall as 6'6, meaning nearly anyone can make use of it. While I was skeptical of the idea of standing up to use the desk at first, I quickly got used to doing so, and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed changing the height to fit differing usage conditions, whether it be writing, gaming, drawing, or watching videos.

Going back to the accessories, there are five of them. The monitor arm is great for those with single-screen setups, allowing you to mount your monitor to the desk if you like that look, and the CPU hanger secures your PC to the underside of the desk. If you want the desk to be your all-in-one battlestation, you can have everything seamlessly attached, though personally I preferred having my computer tower elsewhere. The other attachments, however, were the real highlight of the package. All branded as MAGicSnap, the tray, powerbar, and cable chain easily connect to the MojoDesk through the indomitable power of magnets. They all work in tandem with one another, as the chain hooks up to the leg of the desk, and the tray and powerbar are settled behind it, hidden from view. It takes away the normally tedious task of cable management, and keeps all your assorted cords and cables organized and in line. Thanks to the design of the cable chain, it also means that you can raise or lower the desk without worrying about any cords getting caught or pulled. This is hands-down one of my favorite parts about the desk and all it comes with.

With so many positives, it's easy to begin wondering if there's any possible drawbacks to purchasing the Mojo's Gamer Pro Desk. Regrettably, there is a single major factor that might keep potential buyers from getting their hands on one: the price. Starting at $999.99, this is an expensive piece of equipment, and one that might entirely exceed some gamers' budget. However, if you can afford it, you have to consider that this is not only just something that you place your hardware on, but it's also an investment in something that will last you, and to some, will undoubtedly make up for its cost with its function.


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In the time that I've been using this desk, I've utterly fallen in love with it. I wasn't quite sure how much of a difference the Gamer Pro could make to my gaming setup, but this sleek piece of furniture managed to exceed my expectations in every way. Boasting a streamlined professional look, along with its useful accessories, and build quality that's so stable, it could give a pack of fully updated 3DS's a run for their money, MojoDesk has created a fantastic product, for both everyday and hardcore gaming use. If you can afford the admittedly very high price tag, I would recommend anyone in the market for a desk to check this one out.



Desktop Size Options

48" W x 30" D, 60" W x 30" D, 72" W x 30" D

All Frames

Steel, Choice of Black or Gray
3 Stage Electric Powered Telescoping Legs
Range from 24" - 50.25" H (Suitable for heights of 4'11" - 6'6")
Desk Height Control: LED Display, 4 Programmable Presets
Safety Motion Sensor (Stops if child, pet underneath)


5 year warranty on frame, mechanical, and electrical components.


30 Day returns: We cover shipping both ways.


Thank you to MojoDesk, who provided us with the review unit. If you're interested in purchasing one, you can use GBAtemp's affiliate link, here.



What We Liked ...
  • Great build quality.
  • Can be easily raised or lowered at the push of a button.
  • Has lots of useful attachments to help organize your accessories and cables.
What We Didn't Like ...
  • Cost might break some gamers' budgets.
  • Instruction manual could be a bit more clear.
out of 10


Offering fantastic ergonomics, a stylish look, and tons of versatility, the MojoDesk is the perfect centerpiece to any gaming setup.
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1000$ for a Chinese made plastic lol? I honestly hope this is an early April fools.
For a grand I can get a handmade massive wooden dining table from Italian woodworker.
This is maybe, just maybe worth $100. Thats with the shipping included
Gotta say, you get what you pay for, and standing desks like the one reviewed are typically in the $1000+ price range. If you have a desk already, but still want to stand then you can get a kit like the following -

I'm using that one for work and love it. The reason I went with it was because all the other desks like it only raised 16", which would have left me slumping still. The extra height allows me to stand full height and not slump. And if you're making the plunge into standing desks, then you definitely need a pad/cushion to stand on, or you'll still have plenty of back/foot pain due to it.
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I just wanted to say, for $1000, the part that holds your PC only holds a very limited amount of cases and to say "Pro Gamer" and not be able to fit a Cooler Master is a crime.
@sonicrings I don't think you realize how much a quality standing desk costs. Even the budget ones are expensive, unless you want to DIY it from an IKEA desk like some have done.
@bandithedoge I agree with that, it should just be called a PC desk. Most likely most of the people using standing desks aren't gamers anyway.
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Hey there, @dinalee thanks! I’m currently on mobile, and can’t see the pictures that I took, but I think when I wrote this review, I just had the normal base included with the blue Yeti mic, and no stand. If there is a mic arm shown, however, then it’s this:

A fairly cheap mic stand that I keep attached to the edge of my desk. It definitely is “budget”, but it’s more than perfect for me. It’s stable when I adjust the desk, and I can easily move the mic to whatever position that feels comfortable to use. Fit the mic perfectly, too.
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