few questions about ntr plugins and debugger

few questions about ntr plugins and debugger

Mar 2, 2017
1.is there anywhere a guide or documentation about ntr plugins? I wanna make one, but no idea where to start...

2.about the debugger- can it read RAM values in real time (plus minus lag) and get control input from pc to the 3ds? I have some cool ideas...

3.I can run ntr plugins while using the debugger right?

4.is there a demo that can easily show me how to use the debugger? I know C and python (and some other lang;s) and wanna make a pc-side program that interacts with the 3ds via ntr debugger..

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  • natanelho
    Mar 2, 2017
  • Alex4U
    Mar 3, 2017
    1.- Im not sure, but Gateway cheat codes access to 3DS RAM, so you can easly make a NTR plugin with a GateWay Cheat code, if i found any guide to make a NTR plugin, i'll post it

    2.- You can read and dump RAM values while NTR CFW is booting (X+Y > RAM > Select value > dump)

    3.- Yeeep, you can use NTRViewer, 3DSKitkat without any problem

    4.- ummm... i'll search.