Luma 10.2.1 with Redshift and Quick-Switchers 10.2.1 2021-01-07

Return of the customisable screen filter & other QoL improvements

  1. Nutez
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    Luma 10.2.1
    Redshift custom screen filter (thanks to Sono):
    • Tweak screens individually
    • Dimming effect for additional brightness reduction
    • Much greater range of filter customisation
    • Reapplies saved filter on awaken from sleep
    • Automatic LED suppression when filter applied
    Automatic cut to slot power when booted with DS/TWL game cartridge inserted:
    • This stops DS flashcarts from leeching power when not in use
    • You will need to force boot into DS game cartridge by using the CIA from here, with TWiLightMenu or reinsert the cartridge
    Quick-Switchers sub menu:
    • Quick-Switch between your preferred filters/config for DS/i games (TwlBg) and GBA games (AgbBg, open_agb_firm, Open AGB Launcher)
    • TwlBg option displays ".cxi" files from "/luma/sysmodules/TwlBg" and persists selected file name to "/luma/sysmodules/twlbgName.txt"
    • AgbBg option displays ".cxi" files from "/luma/sysmodules/AgbBg" and persists selected file name to "/luma/sysmodules/agbbgName.txt"
    • Open_AGB option displays ".ini" files from "/3ds/open_agb_firm" and persists selected file name to "/3ds/open_agb_firm/configName.txt"
    • Works best with meaningful file names e.g. "redshiftWideMode.cxi", "pixelPerfect.cxi", "lowBrightness.ini"
    • Delete the .txt file when creating new TwlBg/AgbBg patches to avoid the persisted name being incorrect
    Plugin loader:
    • All credit to Nanquitas and PabloMK7 and anyone else involved in the CTRPF project!
    • Not backwards compatible with .plg or old .3gx
    • Supports new CTRPF v0.6.0 .3GX format (header 3GX$0002) plugin
    • Default plugin available from Nanquitas' Playground announcements channel
    • "default.3gx" goes in "/luma/plugins" directory
    Enhanced brightness adjustment interface:
    • Adjust brightness of top and bottom screens independently
    • Option to use hidden true maximum brightness (at your own risk?)
    • Option to use hidden true minimum brightness
    • Option to switch off bottom screen backlight entirely
    • Quick toggle LEDs from menus by pressing SELECT
    • New3DS clock/cache status visible on main menu
    • Menu rearrangement for quicker access to Wifi toggle

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