Zero Escape VLR Hacking

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    Hi there, there's various things I want to edit in Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward, primarily text and audio. I got the necessary Xorpads and managed to decompile the rom (somewhat by accident) using Queno138's guide and download pack from here: ""
    (I'm aware his guide is for converting to .CIA, but it was still useful for decompiling.)

    Anyways, after that I looked inside the folders, I found the game's complete dialogue within a bunch of .lua files. Those of course, will be easy to edit using HxD. I also found the voice files contained within several .packs files, and was able to open them with Audacity. (However I'm not sure how to save them back as .packs files properly...)

    ...Anyway, my question is, what's the exact steps for recompiling all of this back into a .3DS rom once I edit some stuff? (Or .CIA file for that matter...) I'm kind of a noob when it comes to 3DS hacking. I've done a share of NDS, but this is a whole new playing field! Any help would be greatly appreciated, and as I already mentioned, I'm not sure how to properly modify .packs files, so if anyone could provide some insight into that as well, that would be awesome!