Hacking Zelda Botw Save Problem WiiU


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Jun 9, 2013
Hi, Yesterday i tried to upgrade from a 256gb Hdd to a new one. I plugged them both and start copying zelda from one hdd to the other. Suddenly i had a power cut and the wii u shut down. Later i copied zelda again to my new HDD with no problems. Meanwhile, i downloaded zelda's new update (v192) and installed it through wupinstaller. Now every time i launch botw the game boots fine but when i try to load my save file ( which is in the middle of dlc 2 with over 250 hours on it ) the wii u freezes after loading my save file. I notice that when i am trying to create new game file, for example staring in master mod, the save file is loaded fine, so i am guessing something wrong happens with my save file. I even tried to delete everything apart from save file and install it again with wupinstaller but the problem remains. I even tried to load it from my old HDD witch i had to install again the new update because it prompt me for an update, and the same shit happened.
As i am now the game in start screen displays update 1.4.1, dlc 3.0 and it runs fine on starting a new game, but even if it recognize my save file it freezes on 99% while loading.
I use cbhc 1.6 and everything else runs fine.
Thanks in advance

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