Zelda BOTW loading time: Loadiine GX2 (SD) vs. USB (SD) vs. USB (SSD)

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    Apr 2, 2017
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    just for those who wants to know the difference.

    So I have tested 4 configurations:

    1) Samsung mSata 128GB SSD + mSATA to USB3 adapter (via Y-cable) + WUP Installer GX2
    2) Sandisk ULTRA SDXC 128GB 75/80 MB/s (w/r) + Hama TravelDrive Mobile 1000&1 Card Reader + WUP Installer GX2
    3) same Sandisk ULTRA SDXC 128GB 75/80 MB/s (w/r) FAT32 / 64KB cluster size + Loadiine GX2

    UPDATE (new card reader)

    4) Sandisk ULTRA SDXC 128GB 75/80 MB/s (w/r) + Transcend TS-RDF5K Card Reader + WUP Installer GX2

    So the results are:
    loading of the very 1st auto-save after the 2nd cutscene since pressing Load and until first game frame appears

    1) 34 sec (SSD)
    2) 53 sec (SD via HAMA card reader)
    3) very long probably about 10+ minutes (Unfortunately I didn't use a stopwatch because it was so long...)
    4) 36 sec (SD + Transcend TS-RDF5K)

    So I have moved to SD + Transcend TS-RDF5K completely as it gave the same results as SSD
    and it uses only one USB port + it's a tiny cardreader.

    Experienced problems.

    Zelda BOTW requires fw 5.5.1, I was on 5.3.2 and it always froze at the 2nd cutscene until updating to 5.5.1.
    I have updated to the newest Game Update via Nintendo's Update server when was on 5.3.2, didn't help for USB neither for Loadiine.

    By some reason Loadliine (last version) stopped working with 64KB cluster size formatted SD on 5.5.1
    Freezes every time. (Although it worked fine on 5.3.2)
    Only formatting back to 32KB helped.
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