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    I have a question to some people who live in a country that was formally a Yugoslav republic, I was amazed that how many people on this site are from former Yugoslav republics my question is this...
    There has been a huge out break of wars in Croatia and the Yugoslav republics, they went from the early to the late 90s, and I realized that this was one fucking bloody war. And I'm amazed that a lot of the members here on the temp are from Croatia and are over 15... I'm just curious how members on the temp here have a story to tell us during the war.

    For kiddies who don't know what a former Yugoslav republic is. It's one of these countries.


    For those who are new to this and want to know more about these wars, please read here.
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    Well i wasn't in the war cause, you need to be born in 1989 to even remeber it [​IMG] i started in 1991. I know my father fought for my country and that is all.
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    Born 1988. gone "trough war, away from war"..I live in Zagreb (our capital city) and enemy didn't managed to come this deep into Croatia, however we did have many many air-raids with planes dropping "small" bombs called "zvoncici", I remember very well, on my daycares we often ran in shelters....sitting there for hours, waiting for the alarm signal to end the threat period.

    It was very very depressing time..
    Saddest thing is, even now, many years after, there is still a lot of hate and tension between nations, especially young generations who only know stories..

    Just to correct you, tensions started 1990, Serbian aggressive attack started 1991, war ended 1995. with Croatia becoming independent.
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    You will keep this everywhere.
    Here in holland we have this "Neo Nazi's", children from 14-24 yo, who hate jews and other foreign people.
    They are the less intelegent lifeform in holland tho.

    But also, you got the children from turkey and maroco (or just from holland mostly, actually). And they hate all dutch people, cause all dutch people are racists.

    etcetc. You will always keep younger generations hating eachother over stories from the past.
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    Actually, you don't have to mention it, because the same thing we have here..
    Just take a look at this video, taken on a concert of Croatian patriotic singer.....

    They are shouting "Za Dom, Spremni!" in loose translation, "Ready, to defend our homes" or even looser meaning "Ready to kill for our homes/state"..
    It is actually our local "Sieg Heil"..and it would be actually OK, if not so many (just look at the video), so many people didn't use Nazi salute, and making it look like patriotism and nazism are one and the same.
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    Yeah, we've got a similar problem in the UK at the moment. Our particular group is called the English Defence League. It's basically just a huge collection of football hooligans that claim to be "defending" English culture and values. Really they're just a bunch of twats of get pissed up and cause riots in city centres once a month. They do have normal people in there but they've basically been suckered into the movement through propaganda. The EDL's mission statement claims that it's "opposed to the Islamification of the UK and that they're not racist" but the reality is very different. The EDL's slogan is "No surrender", not quite Sieg Heil but it's along those lines.

    edit : Don't get me wrong, I really don't have a problem with patriotism - only when it's used an excuse for racism and fascism.
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    Here in Northern Ireland we've had to put up with all sorts, i'm lucky, I missed the worst of it, but there are people who want to break down the political process even now.

    It sucks, and i'm pretty sure that we will never have true peace here- although with an attitude like that I suppose that is not surprising (self fulfiling prophesy and all that jazz)