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    I usually play yugioh gx tag force 3 Beacuse that's my favorite one since I have seen the yugioh gx anime and can relate to it after gx it got really bad in my opinion actually it got worse and worse anyway I don't really care about synchro cards and all that new stuff fusions is enough for me my question is what is the most popular yugioh game on the psp currently? as far as I know it's tag force 6 but only in jap unless you get the English patch the only reason I want to try something new is because there is Probably more cards are there any new features in tag force 6? Or just updated cards?
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    Tag force 5 is the most popular since it is in English and has more cards thus more decks to make, i agree with you about GX being the best series since it actually has a protagonist who actually loses, the R one was retarded imho, if you play any old yu-gi-oh! game, you'll find that yugi's(yami's) deck is literally the weakest(yeah i know even with the gods), anyways, Tag Force 3 was pretty good, the best in the GX series, as for my opinion, Tag Force 6 is the best, it has more characters, more cards, more story, even though it's in japanese, i managed to make a translation of them, and implement it inside the game.
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    I agree with this one. Tag force 6 is the best one.
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