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    Jun 24, 2012
    at the computer shop
    Its been a Month i Upload a Ysmenu on a website...
    and it is updated on retrogamefan and it didnt work
    and now I wil make a tutorial to run a ysmenu to galaxy eagle i

    *panasonic sd formatter
    *latest kernel of galaxy eagle i 4.0V
    you can download here http://ge.ndsi.in/
    or this download here http://www.4shared.c...le_i_gei__.html

    this is for dual booting
    first you must format your sd card on panasonic sd formatter
    Formatting µSD :
    Please use the Panasonic SD Formatter v3.1 to format your µSD using the following options :
    FORMAT TYPE : FULL (OverWrite)
    2.put the latest kernel on your sd card root directory.
    3.now put the(if your ysmenu folder named ttmenu rename it to ysmenu) ysmenu folder and ysmenu.nds also on the root folder
    4. lastly rename and put the ak.dldi to dldi.bin G:/_system_/resources

    and try now if it works
    for me it works.... :) :) :)

    for ysmenu as kernel
    format with sd formatter same procedure on top how to format
    then download this http://www.mediafire...zu65uzzc2e798lc
    put on sd directory . more info for ysmenu as kernel go here http://gbatemp.net/t...-ysmenu-i-have/
    i think its better to use dual booting :) :) :)

    I think the retrogamefan uses 2.1 kernel of gei and instead of ysmenu folder it is ttmenu thats why it wont work... :( :(
    and please support http://gbatemp.net/topic/267243-retrogamefan-updatesreleases/ because of them i cant make this things
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