YSMenu: Installation and Costumization Guide

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    Hello everyone! I am a new member but I alredy have quite a bit of experience with the YSMenu software! I've been using it for a month now but I've seen quite a bit of people having trouble with the software. I thought I would lend a hand!

    Information on the software:

    The YSMenu is a custom kernel designed for the TTDS, Acekard2 and the r4.

    +Faster Loading Time
    +Improved Cheat Support
    +Arranges Roms in Alphabetical Order
    +Minimalistic Design
    +Works with Multiple Flash Carts
    +Works with More Roms than Normal Kernel
    +Can Use Skins for Other Flash Carts
    +Multi Language Support

    +Poor Interface
    +Less Organized than Other Kernels
    +Shows all Folders on Screen Making it Cluttered


    1. Start by downloading the latest version of the YSMenu software here: http://home.usay.jp/pc/etc/nds/

    2. Scroll down to the part for TTDS Software

    3. Click YSMenu. Download will start automatically.

    4. Unzip the Downloaded file with an Archiver Program such as 7-zip, WinRar, WinZip. I use PowerArchiver but it's a paid program so use the other ones I mentioned. If you own an r4, do not do this step. Leave it a zip file.

    5. Next, download the official kernel for your Flash Card on the Official Website:
    TTDS: http://www.ndstt.com
    Acekard2: http://www.acekard.com
    r4: (not needed)

    6. After that, extract all files into one folder. If you have an r4, just plainly put the zip file in a folder

    7. For TTDS users:
    Run the ttextract file. Two files will appear, ttdldi and ttpatch. Move these to files along with the YSMenu.ini into the Menu folder. Then rename the YSMenu.nds file to TTMENU.DAT and overwrite the old file. Place this new file in the root of your SD card. Put Menu folder in the SD card also.
    For Acekard2 users:
    Run akextract file. One file will appear, akloader.nds. Copy this, along with the YSMenu.ini to the Menu Folder. Rename YSMenu.nds to akmenu4.nds. and overwright the old file. Place this new file in the root of you SD card. Put Menu folder into your SD card also.
    For r4 users:
    This is a very complex process for r4 users so it's best if you just use the r4YSauto. Dowload it here:
    Extract that into the same folder with the YSMenu zip file. Then r4.bat in the same folder. The files will be produced and you just have to transfer then to you SD.

    8.Go to the YSMenu.ini file and remove the colon of English and put one on Japanese. (Except if you want Japanese [​IMG] )

    9. Safely remove your adaptor. NEVER just yank it out of the slot. Files will be lost. (It's my experience. I ended with a half-finished movie and lost save files. That poor Dialga..)

    That's pretty much it for installation. Next is the skin Guide. There will be two of these.

    Skin Guide A:

    1. First get a skin for r4, m3, or TTDS from these websites: http://ndsthemes.com and http://gbatemp.net/index.php?dlcategory=4 (I'm not sure for other flash cart skins.

    2. After downloading, extract the file.

    3. There should be multiple files there. For r4, you should ignore the icons, just use the backgrounds or the logo. For the TTDS, use the two files for the top and bottom.

    (Optional) 4. Open them on Paint and then put a wide rectangle in the middle of the image for the bottom part.

    5. Copy them to the menu directory of your SD card.

    6. Rename the top image as YSMenu1 and the Bottom Image as YSMenu2.

    Skin Guide B:

    1. Get 2 images from the internet.

    2. Open the images using paint one at a time. Click on view then change the size of the frame to 256x192 pixels. Now Resize the image selected to fill the whole white box.

    Then, follow steps 4-6 of Skin Guide A

    Homebrew Suggestion Guide:

    Homebrew are programs created by users. These work with the YSMenu so best download them. There are several programs that are almost essential on any DS Flash Cart:

    Moonshell: Best Media Player for the DS and perhaps the best Homebrew. Can play DPG videos using bundled converter, MP3 and MP2 audio files, and bmp, png, non-progressive jpg, and txt files. Download Link: http://www.gbatemp.net/index.php?download=1638

    DSOrganize: A PDA program for the DS. Has a File Browser, IRC Client, Web Browser, Paint Program (or Scribble Pad, but it looks so much like paint) , Homebrew Database, To-Do-list, and Day Planner. Download Link: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=1319

    Colors: A pressure sensitive painting program. Download Link: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=1217

    Tuna-ViDS: Another video viewing program. The reason to get this is becaus it plays more common video files like MP4 and AVI. Download Link: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=2783

    Lameboy: Can play Gameboy Games at a good rate. Has a save state feature. Download Link: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=2246

    DSReader: Can read txt files with with a very good quality. Has a bookmarking feature. Download Link: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=797

    Some of these programs require DLDI patching. For the TTDS, it has a built in DLDI patcher, but for others, you should patch them using the patcher from: http://dldi.drunkencoders.com/index.php?title=Main_Page

    To get cheats, go to http://cheats.gbatemp.net then download the credits and help.txt to find out how to put cheats on your flash card.

    That's it! Feel free to leave you comments and questions here!
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    Also YSmenu can create 1MB saves and acts as the loader for other firmwares (dsision2, moonshell2)
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    Apr 4, 2009
    there is a YSSkinSelecter, which allows you to have multiple skins installed and switch them by running a homebrew instead of having to connect to pc all the time. here's a link: http://www7.atpages.jp/torasoft/. Click download at the left and then click the latest version.
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    That's strange. It looks like the Tora Software site is down. Too bad. [​IMG]
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    For users with R4's, you can use r4ysmenu. It is really easy to install.
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    Lol, costumization.
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    ok how come i cant find, YSMenu.ini, where can i find it?
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    Apr 25, 2009
    I believe its in the root, if it's YSAuto you used.
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    I believe this is no longer necessary since Wood R4 is much easier to set up and has more compatibility. [​IMG]
  10. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    Does Wood R4 work on DSTT? I thought it was R4 ONLY, not even R4 clones...
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    That would be correct. WoodR4 works only on R4 Originals and R4 original clones (so all clones without SDHC pretty much xD).
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    Sorry to necro like this, but I'm having an issue replacing the wallpaper. I replaced the original YSMenu1&2 images with my own images, but now it just appears as a big grey screen on my DS.
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    Apr 27, 2014
    are resolution and bpp exactly the same as originals?