Your second hand game stories.

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    Probably no so common now we all have memory cards and local saves but I will go it anyway.

    When you buy a game, console, memory card second hand was there anything interesting on them or do you have any related anecdotes? Rental stories work too.

    I once got a copy of one of the Lotus games for the megadrive, the person before me had hit scores in the high score table to give instructions on how to get to the bonus mode (it was an old arcade style game).

    Old memory cards are always interesting to look through, some people have some very odd tastes in games (or at least "people that like that I would really not have thought would like that".

    I have had a few puzzle games come with complete unlocks.

    On rental games, I never really rented long games (UK Blockbuster/choices was never the cheapest, especially when things fell to £10-£20 before too long) though hearing people reminisce now it seems there was a kind of protocol among people that did about not erasing other saves. It never occurred to me that there might be such a thing.
  2. ilman

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    Jul 25, 2010
    The first PSP I bought (PSP-2004 around 4 years ago) was second hand...
    Its memory card slot was busted. And when I tried to contact the seller, he didn't respond. (I shouldn't trust people on Craigslist)
    And since I had nowhere to buy physical games off of (my country sucks) and nowhere to download them from usenet PSN, I ended up with an 80 pound brick...​
    I didn't buy another PSP 'till a year ago...​
  3. Taleweaver

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    Dec 23, 2009
    When I bought a second hand xbox360, it came with a free 2nd controller (it wasn't in any description). The thing was also still completely set up to the former owner: it logged in automatically, had avatars and I could even continue his game of skyrim if I wanted to.

    A DS Zelda game turned out to have a savegame on name of the store where I bought it. I guess it's from them testing if everything was okay, but still...pretty weird.

    Oh, and a preowned PSP that came with all sorts of music, savegames and such. After a check with the owner, I could just erase all that.

    That's pretty much it. Then again, I don't buy that much secondhand. If I do, it's mostly CD's or DVD's.
  4. ShadowSoldier

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    Oct 8, 2009
    My secondhand SNES, i took alcohol wipes to it and the controller and the wipes ended up black.

    That count?
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  5. pyromaniac123

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    Sep 24, 2011
    I bought a used psp and it had lesbian porn on it.
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  6. trumpet-205

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    Jan 14, 2009
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    Let's see, my Wii U, PS3, PSP, and PS Vita are all used.

    My horror experience is with PS3 controller that comes with the PS3. Like ShadowSoldier have said, had it wipe it clean with alcohol and the cloth ended up black.
  7. FAST6191

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    Nov 21, 2005
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    They were known as the playstation pornable for a reason.
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  8. emmanu888

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    Jan 25, 2009
    Getting a second hand Genesis with a busted 3 button controller and getting a second hand GH3 Les Paul with all the stickers applied on it.
  9. GameWinner

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    Jun 14, 2009
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    My PSP and 360 were used. That's about it though.
  10. Blaze163

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    Friend of mine asked me to hack his PSP, had to delete some files to make room for the new firmware, memory card was full of 'America's sloppiest blow jobs' videos.
  11. migles

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    Sep 19, 2013
    bought my ds lite from my country ebay clone, thought the battery was ruined because i charged it for 4 hours and only played 10 minutes... but after a second recharge the battery lasted 2 days of playing

    then i was searching for a used 3ds xl, but then i saw the new pokemon edition and decided to buy it

    i bought the 3d xl from retailer and in 1 month the touch screen stoped to work...

    after my experience i can say, i prefer to buy an used console, sometimes an used console is like a MILF, it was used in the past, but already got experience for lots of fun....
  12. mightymuffy

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    Nov 6, 2002
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    Pokemon! Nowt wrong with buying a 2nd hand GBA Pokemon and finding a good collection of them already on, especially when I could simply transfer them, then wipe - a nice start! :D Think that happened twice in memory (back in the GBA days there were 4 of us in the house playing Pokemon)

    Recently bought a 2nd hand Wii for a family member, which came with VC Zelda Ocarina..... would've been neat if I weren't promptly softmodding it for them.....

    Otherwise nothing of note off the top of my head - think I've been lucky when it comes to 2nd hand hardware.... now if you want to talk about 2nd hand ram, in this case for my eldest lad who built a new PC over the weekend, don't get me fukkin started......:cry: (little shite will be buying new from now on that's for sure!)
  13. Celice

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    Jan 1, 2008
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    I haven't had to rent a game in over a decade, thanks to the shift to digital, as well as the basic economy/tech zeitgeist here in the US. But when I did, I have a couple stories:

    One of the first times my family rented from Blockbuster, we had an N64. We decided to get Quest 64, a brand new game. I loved RPGs, and was super stoked to see a game like it on the N64 (I still really love this game despite popular consensus). I think we got a movie too. We had to set up an account at the checkout, and it ended up that the employee forgot to scan Quest 64. We checked the receipt afterwards and it wasn't on there--never received a call for the game. We walked out with a free game :) This has happened a couple other times before, most notably when I bought a LEGO set and TimeSplitters 2 years back on a birthday. The checkout lady didn't scan the game, and I walked out with $50 in my pocket and one of the best arcade shooters ever on consoles :)

    Next to that, I was a really big renter at Blockbuster, me and my brother. So much that we started to figure out how to tag the best games. Since most of them never left the same box they get rented in, we figured out small things we could leave on the box that wouldn't get noticed, like drawing over an 'i' so it turns into a full 'l'. We'd know that out of the five Goldeneye games there, this one was the one with all the cheats. Or better yet, this was the one that had our save data on it last.

    Speaking of saves, I remember how cool it was, when I was very young, to have a save file from some distant part of the game when you got it. Looking back, it would probably have been very sacred to decide what save to erase :o
  14. calmwaters

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    May 27, 2013
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    I've bought a good percentage of my games used. Overall, I paid about $700 for my whole game collection. The bad experiences I've had were with Gamestop, but this one is just plain awful. In 2012, Gamestop sold me a copy of Super Paper Mario for $39.01. And this did not include the manual either; just the original case and disc. I've had a few other incidents, but this one takes the cake.
  15. frogboy

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    Dec 6, 2011
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    It all started when I received a mysterious Pokemon cartridge from an old man...
  16. CosmoCortney

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    Apr 18, 2013
    on the cool side of the pillow
    last year I bought F-Zero GX NTSC-J second hand for 18€ or something. it included an unused F-Zero AX license card and in original foil. and in the case I found a 251 blocks mem card (original nintento mem card) :lol: . nothing related to the memory card was said in the description :O
  17. Tom Bombadildo

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    Jul 11, 2009
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    I forgot
    Not so much gaming related but...meh.

    During the summer my dad bought a bunch of these toy car shopping carts for kids that had video players in them. He bought like...20 or so for $100, we figured we would refurbish them and sell them to some grocery store or something. (We eventually ended up scraping all the screens, speakers, and batteries from them and sold them off, made like $500 or so). A majority of them still worked and everything, and they had like Spongebob or Bob the Builder stuff on little compact flash cards. We eventually got to this one that had a bigger card (all the others where 128mb, this one was 512mb) and we discovered some self-filmed porn on it, looked like some guy was trying to get revenge on his girlfriend or some shit. Was...quite an interesting discovery.
  18. Issac

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    Apr 10, 2004
    I once traded in the Super Scope (SNES) which I never got to work. Now I am sure I just missed something. However, I wanted an RPG and the clerk gave me two options.
    The first one: Secret of Mana, boxed. I had already played it with a friend who had it, so I passed on that.
    The other one: He said it was a Sci-fi RPG, he said it was an American cartridge, so that I had to use a converter. (No problems, I have one). It was Shadowrun, looked at the box, and it looked AWESOME! I took it. Came home, opened the box and it was a European cartridge inside. Ooookay? I don't mind. Insert it. Boot it up. Bam, the intro text starts rolling.... in SWEDISH! The only released SNES game that was translated into Swedish.

    Didn't regret it one bit!
  19. ShadowSoldier

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    Oct 8, 2009
    Very interesting. Before I can have such an intelligent discussion with you on the fine subjects of life, allow me to google this "blow jobs" film you speak of kind sir.
  20. Thomas83Lin

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    Jul 22, 2009
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    Had this local game rental place going out of business, (this was 10 or more years ago ) anyways they had a large selection of used nes\snes\n64 games with mint boxes for sale (they must have stored the boxes in storage), ended up grabbing both zelda 1 and 2 (both gold) still in the box for like 5 to 6 dollars each. wish I would have had more cash I would've bought more.
    Also I tend to buy most of my older consoles broken. I get them cheap and I enjoy getting them working so win win. Here lately though I've been having bad experiences with usps damaging my consoles on delivery, packaging wasn't the issue. This has got to be the worst time of the year for shipping I guess.