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    It seems browser based games span a lot of different technologies and underlying methods these days so some discussion of what your favourite ones are seems to be in order, we have had a few threads in the past but the landscape has changed somewhat (albeit quite subtly for to the casual observer). The technologies bit can encompass a wide variety of things and although I will take anything (flash, java, silverlight, HTML5, browser specific plugins, javascript and beyond). Going further we also have things like javascript emulators and remakes of classic games in interesting manners.

    I linked most options for such things I play but recently I thought I would give a go seen as it claimed to be a modern browser based option. Thus far it is interesting and doubly so from a game design perspective (I can not say I have done much in the way of it but it does seem to be free to play done right) though I have been tempted to say forget it and install AOE/Civilisation/Anno/HoMM...... as it is a bit slow at first.

    Anyway your chosen browser games, thoughts on them and experiences with them.
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    I look for different things in games than most people do. One of the most influential factors is how much time can I spend on it and how much cost. Which is why, my chosen browser game, is RuneScape. It currently runs on Java but is being ported to HTML5. Once ported to HTML 5, there is talks about being released to tablets + consoles. Sure the game gets boring because it's endless repetition, but it uses my free time where I'm often contemplating on spending lots of money. Sure, I may have spent $600 in membership over the last 10 years, but that's only $5 a month. I consider it saving money because I often didn't go out and do random things all day.
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    Dec 4, 2009
    That would have to be Quake Live.
  4. AceWarhead

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    Realm of the Mad God
  5. Arras

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    Flash games all the way for me. Realm of the Mad God is awesome, yes. I think the most time I spent on a browser game was Runescape ages ago, but all I ever did was mining and it pretty quickly became boring as hell.
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    Runescape isn't really a bad browser game or a bad MMO really, although I think it migrated to being a desktop client now. Still, I remember playing it when I was younger and I'd still say it's not that bad today. Combat was actually pretty interesting and not your standard taskbar, there was a ton of content, and the membership benefits were really good for $5/month. Much better than a mandatory $15/month from WoW after lvl 20 or something.

    Pretty sure most of the games like Castle Crashers and Super Meat Boy are based off older browser games.
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    True, for a free browser game it's not bad. The problem is mostly that what I decided to do ingame (MINE ALL DAY) was boring as fuck (I'm still not sure how I managed to get my mining level to 70) and the paid stuff was kinda in your face. Like, in the stats window, the bottom six or so stats were like "yeah, you can only use these stats if you pay, otherwise they'll sit at lvl 1 forever". Or those gates being like "you need to pay to enter these, sorry bro". Still, I agree that now I think back on it it actually wasn't bad. The problem I have with it nowadays is that I can play stuff that's better (or at least more enjoyable to me) than the "not bad" Runescape.
  8. Guild McCommunist

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    Well admittedly it is a massive grindfest when it comes to getting money but nearly every MMO is. I do remember sitting for days just fishing sharks for money or cutting down trees. But I'd toss up it's as much as a grind as any other MMO.

    And the whole point of the subscription is to unlock additional content in the game.

    "Better" is subjective in this case. Runescape does have a few things going for it that put it over other MMOs and some things that don't. I'd say though that it's just as valid a choice for a MMORPG as WoW or TOR or Rift or whatever else there is.
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    Sep 14, 2010
    True, but I hardly ever play MMOs :P The only MMO I'm actually somewhat interested in playing at this point is the English version of Phantasy Star Online 2 and that isn't released yet. With "better"/more enjoyable to me games, I meant games that aren't MMOs as well.
    And I know that was the point of paying, but when I played Runescape I was a kid with hardly any money and I certainly had no way to pay an online subscription based game; not just because of how much it cost, but mostly because I simply had no way of paying other than cash. It was basically annoying to see all that stuff hanging in front of my face, knowing that I couldn't use/play it.
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    I saw the title and knew two games would be named straight away.
    Realm of the Mad God, and Runescape.

    I'll add Captain Forever to the list.
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    I started an Essentials Flash (well, browser) games a while ago but it didn't really take off. Link here. (Note I've just fixed some of it as it seems to have been lost in the new temp, but I cba to update every entry if the thread's dead now anyway).
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    Runescape still downloads a lot of data and it is permanently stored on your computer until you manually delete, I have it on 2gb Data, albeit as it downloads in the background and is based on what you have explored and what point in the game you have access to it's probably my number one browser based game, I don't play much browser based games though Stick RPG, shopping cart hero etc. :)
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    Another vote for Runescape here, it still manages to set itself apart, mainly because "quests" are actually "quests" with NPC interaction and puzzle solving, and not "fetch me 20 bear asses".

    Happy Wheels!
    Your standard 2D bike-riding game... but with multiple characters, user-editable levels (and online level submissions), and gore. Lots of gore.
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  14. Sop

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    Nov 14, 2010
    Another vote for Realm of the Mad God, been playing that one for a while now.

    Also, I see no point in playing subscription games.

    Edit: Vote for RotMG redacted, looks as if it's heading towards P2Win. I vote for Happy Wheels.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    pshhhh runescape sucks /is subscribed to members and has been for years

    Realm of the Mad God and Offensive Combat.
    Brick Force can be somewhat entertaining at times too, though completely pay2win. I have an insane sniper and go like 20:1 for my K/D in most matches...or higher.
  16. Felipe_9595

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    Red Rogue, best Roguelike i have played on my life.
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