Yoshi's Crafted World release date revealed

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    cardboard world
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    That's a fair point, but I'm not sure I agree. I saw woolly world mostly as a sequel/spin-off/something of kirby epic yarn. And if you want to talk easy games: THAT game was easy. Retardedly easy, even (it was a great game to get my then-girlfriend into co-op gaming, but it is still a video game in which you literally cannot die).

    I haven't played Yoshi's island much*, so...I can't really say to which franchise this is supposed to cater to.

    *it's certainly a shining example of innovation, interesting level design, bold choices and so on...but all I really remember was that I REALLY didn't like Mario as a baby.
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    Since it was too easy is because maybe it was meant for kids. I hope this is harder and perfect for an adult. :) My best friend have a eyes on it. So wait and see.
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    Yes they do.
    I never played Tetris attack/ Panel de pon until it was released on virtual console, and I didn't enjoy it. Didn't matter about localization of what kind of characters or music it had, it wasn't fun to play. I already have trouble playing puzzle like games and this one didn't help with that.
    I don't think it's a bad game, but I don't enjoy it any more than I enjoy other Mario games. It has enough changes to have a unique identity in contrast to Mario games which I don't enjoy. Yoshi island has a stork carrying the Mario bros. to their parents house, Kamek attempts to take them away but one falls onto yoshi island where they decide to take care of him and finish delivering him.

    It's more about personal reasons rather than finding problems with the game. I don't like constantly hearing obnoxious sound effects and in this case, yes it's Mario crying EVERY TIME YOU TAKE A HIT. When you do take a hit, your star counter drops, and you need those stars for a perfect score in a stage. What do you do when you fight a boss and you take a hit? You don't get perfect score, ruin just cause of one mistake, meaning most of the time you have to avoid that. So you have to play super careful and in a game where almost everything tries to take the baby away from you.

    I do think the game looks good and has nice music, though if I do play the game I just play it without caring bout that perfect score thing which I think is alright by it's own merits. But you only miss out on some bonus stages. Even then, is still not as versatile. It doesn't have fun power ups like Super mario 3 or world, instead you get very limited transformations like a train that travel in background, helicopter, a sub, or a car, or baby mario turning super. They are all very limited where you basically use it cause it's mandatory to finishing the level and it's time limited. It's no replacement for the many power ups from other games like tanooki, frog, sledge hammer, or cape. Also there isn't alternate routes either. You have to play stages in order and every one has only one goal, while mario games have ways to either skip worlds or even just skip some stages in a world with branching paths.

    Besides perhaps the unique graphics that I probably will equate to "Style" and some of the music in games, the games aren't as fun and sometimes arbitrary decisions. Yoshi story is about a happy tree that is the source of the yoshi's happiness that gets stolen by bowser. Now your goal to winning the game is to eat every fruit you come across until yoshi is happy and the stage ends. :blink:

    Yoshi wolly world might as well be a clone of Kirby Epic Yarn but with a different character series much like the similarities between Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. Same concept, different characters and tweaks to fit with that series' universe. I never said the games was bad, I just didn't find them fun or interesting to play when I did see them.
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    I hope the music doesn't suck as the earlier Artoon Yoshi Island DS game, or :

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    You think that means no direct anytime soon? I would imagine they'd announce this in a January direct if they had one
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    Wait It says Baby Bowser But the model looks Like Bowser Jr. Weird
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    Yoshi's Story is quite a misunderstood game though. I know I misunderstood it completely too.

    Yes, it's super easy. There's nothing to do and then you win.
    Unless you start looking at the real challenge. play every stage... and get ALL melons on every stage. There you go, that's your challenge. And when you go for that, it becomes way more fun and interesting of a game.

    But I haven't seen any challenge like that in the later games. Game is easy, and that's that. No additional challenges for those who want that. Or maybe I'm mistaken? :D
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    The gameplay will probably be as difficult as their previous games, which is fine. I just hope the multiplayer will be online as well.
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    Yoshi's Wooly World was great when you have a girlfriend who isn't great at games. Getting 100% in every level is still quite challenging even with unlimited lives. I'm looking forward to this new Yoshi game.
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    It’s pronounced YAWSHI
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    Aww this is so cute!!! Will be buying for sure, and using with my four Yarn Yoshi and Poochy amiibos XD

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    Some of the levels were absurdly long though...
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    So...no Direct this month i guess? This and Dragon's Dogma should have been anounced in it
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    I haven't played the newer yoshi games after the 3ds one (tho I think only wolly world was the game I didn't play then?).
    From all this comments, I guess we could say Kirby games are harder than Yoshi's now.
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    Woolly World was a lot of fun with a partner, but I felt like it wouldn't have been a great single player experience and expect the same from Crafted World.

    As others have said, it's never been as good after the original Yoshi's Island, though Woolly World showed some improvement over the 3DS and maybe the DS Yoshi at least.
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    more like, I hope they better have a +30% content consist platform hell disguised as crafted fun.

    NOTHING surpassed Yoshi's Island. Perhaps, never will. I hope I am wrong.
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    Yo I am pumped for this. I predict another mastapeece
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    Yoshi's Island was one of the greatest games on the SNES in terms of both graphics and gameplay.
    Nintendo added an easy mode into Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe. They didn't add any content for more advanced players.

    Edit: Donkey Kong Country: Returns 3D did it right. An easy mode was added as well as new levels for advanced players.
    I"m biased here because I think that Donkey Kong Country: Returns and Tropical Freeze got the difficulty just right. It's true that some of the collectibles are well hidden but when getting from the beginning of a level to the end requires little concentration the game just isn't much fun to play.
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    Sometimes that's exactly what I want out of a game. Also, I did find some of the levels in Woolly World to have challenging platforming, excluding the hidden levels which got pretty insane.
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    I have to agree. Any game with yoshi is a good game. This game is amazing, but it makes my anxiety go through the roof(I freak out and become panicked when I lose the babies). I struggled with it because of this. I might end going back to it one day.
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