Yooka-Laylee Gets Nintendo Switch Release Date

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by Scarlet, Nov 28, 2017.

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    I think its unfair that Yooka Laylee gets compared so often to Mighty No. 9. I mean I get why and how the comparisons exist: both were kickstarters, both were indie titles meant to be spiritual successors to a classic seemingly forgotten series before it. But in my opinion that's where the similarities end. While Mighty No. 9 failed dramatically to recapture the magic of Mega Man, and instead stands alone as a very mediocre loosely related platformer. A Mega Man game Mighty No. 9 is not. However, Yooka Laylee is a very faithful continuation of the Banjo Kazooie style of play. Yes, they made some bad decisions in Yooka Laylee like giving your dash (roll) a meter that can run out and making the stages a bit too open. But all in all it is a faithful successor to Banjo Kazooie. Everything about the game screams that it is a modern Banjo Kazooie game just with different characters. In that sense it is a success. The problem is, modernizing the Banjo Kazooie formula without adding a whole lot to really make it stand out for a game in this day and age makes it a game that leaves the player wanting something more. If every 3D Mario after 64 added nothing new like a water jet pack, platforming across space, or a cap that can possess creatures, we'd all be pretty bored of his games by the time we got to this latest entry.
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    it being too much like tooie instead of kazooie was the biggest problem for me too
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    First game out of a streak of 10 games I abandoned without beating. The game was worse than alot of n64 platformers which is a shame since the art was on point(only played the first level)
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    I was really pumped for this game. I never really got to play Banjo Kazooie for a long enough time to have solid memories, but I welcomed the crowd funded spiritual sequel none the less. As it got closer to release and major gaming outlets reviewed it, my hype crashed and burned. I have never even touched the game.
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    Given that it's performance on the PS4 and XBONE isn't that great I'd stay away from the Switch version.
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    Still salty that they skipped the Wii U.
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    You must be thinking of RiME...
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    I forgot
    Shame the game was mediocre at best. Like Joe, I would infinitely prefer A Hat in Time, since that game is actually super good.
  9. duffmmann

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    "How close will the Switch port be to the Xbox One and PS4 versions, in visual terms? Have you had to make any big graphical sacrifices to get it running on the system?

    We’ve actually made improvements and this is definitely the most optimised version of the game. Our priority with the Switch version was to deliver a smooth experience for players, so some compromises naturally had to be made, such as comprimises a small amount of resolution for better performance and optimisations. However, it’s nothing that we think players will notice, especially in handheld mode on that excellent screen. In fact, some elements such as shadows are actually improved since the original release! We’re really pleased with how this version is running."

    They're claiming that performance is actually best on the Switch it would seem. Source: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/20...to_switch_in_december_-_we_learn_all_about_it

    I mean we'll see when it drops, but at least it might make sense then as to what took so long to get it to the Switch.
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  10. Kikirini

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    I'm super excited this is finally coming to Switch. I backed it on Kickstarter hoping to get it on Wii U, but I'm happy they moved onto Switch. A portable (but fully-featured) BK successor is a dream come true for me.
  11. Sonic Angel Knight

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    This game is GOOOOOOD??:unsure:
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    A release date one day after internet freedom will end in America...... interesting....
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    Stop. Lets Nintendo Switch fans enjoy it. Be congratulating to switch fans for getting it, ok ? Good for you but stop complaint. I have PS4 but I am not saying anything. I am congratulating to people for getting it on Switch.
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    I wasn't complaining, just pointing out my observation that the hype for the game has died. No reason to get upset over it. I have a PS4 and switch. And yeah, I think It's great for those that only own a switch are getting a port of this game (the more the merrier, right?) I was just pointing out that from what I've seen, people just really don't care about this game anymore. First the bad reviews, then the port getting delayed constantly. I think that if the game came out three months ago when people were hyped for it and the switch was lacking in platformers it would've done much better.
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    The Switch version does seem to be the most optimized for frame rate as well, so it has that going for it. I've been a bit stingy on this one after some of the reviews and haven't even picked it up yet, might be worth getting the 2-in-1 for Switch over another version. Even with its flaws I'm glad to see a Rare-type game back on a Nintendo system.
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  16. Quantumcat

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    Nov 23, 2014
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    I’d like to support the team's effort in creating this, so they are encouraged to create more games, but I don't want to own it digitally, since there's no resale value if I ever don't want it anymore or want to swap for another game. I hope they release it physically sooner rather than later :-/
  17. regnad

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    May 19, 2008
    I played a pirated version on the PC with the expectation to buy it for the Switch if I liked it.

    And honestly I did like it. I may be the only one who liked it, but I did. I'm happy to buy it and have it on handheld.

    Or I would buy it, except there isn't a goddamn Switch available for purchase in all of Japan, so I guess not. Maybe in 2018 Nintendo will have them for sale in Japan. Surely by 2019, right?
  18. Lazyboss

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    This game sux so bad that you will hear all characters doing Bukkake while they are talking.
  19. the_randomizer

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    Or get it on Steam, digital downloads on there aren't a joke like they are on Nintendo consoles.

    Wonder how you know that's what it sounds like. Still better than a lot of indie games out there.
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  20. Justinde75

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    Feb 14, 2016
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    Get a hat in time instead