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    Aug 16, 2016
    I've been using a 1697 Xbox One Controller years and after replacing it rececently with one of the 1708 models, found that the rumble trigger vibration was much stronger (and louder). I had to a look to see if I could reduce it, but you can only do this on the Elite I believe. There is an option to disable it altogether, but that isn't an option I want to choose as I do enjoy the rumble, just not to the point of feeling like the thing is about to take off.

    So, I disassembled both the 1697 and 1708 triggers to find that the rumble motors in the 1708 are larger. Has anyone tried replacing the large rumble motors in the 1708 with the smaller ones in the 1697 model? I know that they would take some sort of modification to sit inside the trigger housing as there would be more room, but I was wondering whether it's possible? Or would adding some sort of dampener reduce the vibration, volume (if presumably they're a bit loose)?

    If no one has tried, fair enough, but thought I would ask anyway.
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