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Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Fabis94, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Fabis94

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    Jan 5, 2009
    Is there a chip that allows you to also play the backups on Xbox Live? Well i know that you can do that, but Microsoft somehow can check if you have a modchip or something and just ban you. Is there a way around it now?
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    It is probably covered in the FAQ but here goes:

    To play copied games you need to bypass the checks, on the 360 these checks are in the DVD drive.
    There are some chips to allow a new drive firmware but nobody really uses them as flashing the drive is far easier and far more developed.
    Copies on Xbox live, possible and will I get banned from live if I do.

    Yes it is possible to backup games although as mentioned above you can only play backup games (1:1 copies) and you can not hack them like you can the wii ones (retextures and whatnot).

    Online is fine for most people although microsoft occasionally bans people if it detects you are playing copies. The bans usually all come at once (hence the term banning wave).
    Nobody really knows how it works but we suspect either

    bad burns of games do it (along with bad dumps; some of the "early"* (as in before release dates) releases are sometimes bad and with no frame of reference/way to compare until release date....)

    playing games online before release dates

    some have cast doubt on some of the modding methods (the xbox can tell if you power it without a drive connected as you might have to, realistically there is no reason to have it out other than to mod it).

    The "what causes bans" area is little more than rampant speculation most of the time though so I would not read much into it. [wild theorising]were I to be MS I would have a group of "probables" and only ban a select few of them at random, also I would use a combination of factors to try and determine who is up to no good[/wild theorising]
    For what it is worth though it is the 360 that is banned, not the account and you can simply move your drive/account to another 360.

    *early games. They come in two main forms:
    "reviewer copies": it is speculated that there are several grades of reviewer and some of the less privileged have a stock 360 and get sent review copies for that. These occasionally find themselves online and can be played on flashed 360s.
    Part of the problem is many of these releases are from p2p groups and while some are good at dumping games some are not (the same could be said for some of the scene groups but not as often).

    "pre sale copies": either from a game shop or from a pressing plant, these are retail copies and should be good. Occasionally shops break release dates and MS has stated in the past nothing should happen to these people (look back at GTA4 for this one).
  3. Fabis94

    Fabis94 Xbawx playa

    Jan 5, 2009
    Wait, so Flashing is better than Modchipping? I found this thing:

    Isn't it good enough? Anyways how do you flash then? I'm completely new to this scene.

    EDIT: I read about this iXtreme. What is the easiest way to install it on a completelly new Xbox 360?
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