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    Feb 20, 2017
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    So, I used to know how to do this sort of thing and I feel dumb for being out of the loop for so long. But the way to easily do this has left my ageing memory! lol

    Anyway, I have a retail Pokemon Black game that I played. And also at the same time on an original DS I played it on a AceKard 2. A few different times I moved the saves back and forth from one to the other. But when I stopped playing pokemon here for the last few years, I must have written my original save back to my retail game because I do not have pokemon I got from GTS trades on it. So they must be in the saves I have on my PC still. I was all about the 'put up, restore, trade, move to retail or friend, restore again' (or however it would go lol) I remember this not being too complicated back then, I hope that is the case now.

    So, I just need pointed in the right direction again. Here is what I have to work with..
    Original DS with working Wi-Fi. Retail Pokemon Black Version. Acekard 2 (v2.1) (also, I would need to reload all the software to get the flash card functioning again). A few different save files from either retail or flash game. (I do not have an EZ Flash anymore :( )
    I also dont think that the flash card, especially the old ones are even in the equation anymore.
    I also have a newer 2ds (I am guessing system is version And I have paid for service of pokemon bank and transfer.

    Thanks in advance!
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