Would buying a faster SD solve these freezing issues?

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    After it had been lying in a drawer for the past couple of years, yesterday I switched on my DS lite.
    Now, I have an R4 cart like the one shown in this thread which I recall purchasing sometime around 2009-2011. I have always used cheap SD cards with it, but so far they have always worked; that is, except for the fact that it took a bit longer to save than it was supposed to, i.e. if I switched the console off right after saving, without waiting for a couple of second, the save would probably end up being corrupted.

    The only major issues I've ever experienced with it where the following:
    - Castlevania Portrait of Ruin would always freeze when talking to Wind for the first time (sometime at the beginning of the conversation, sometime a bit later on).
    - Pokemon White would work, but doing everything that required loading, like entering a house, would be painfully slow.

    Now, if I bought this Kingston SDCH class 10 card, would those issues be likely to go away?
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    Portrait of Ruin was a programming issue exacerbated by the latency that some flash carts show. You can fix it though, some devs did add it to things but who knows with the R4, I don't know offhand if that one supports wood (which was based on AKAIO which in turn was related to the thing I am about to link) but if you can move to that then do so.
    http://gbatemp.net/threads/which-flashcart-for-castlevania-por.343239/page-2#post-4559271 for the AKRPG fix. You could probably turn that into cheats easily enough ( http://doc.kodewerx.org/hacking_nds.html ), indeed that is basically cheat form already (the cheat equivalent of "PatchMem(KArm9,0x02007910,0xeb02508e);" is probably 2007910 eb02508e

    Pokemon is more likely a speed issue and that might help. It could be that the fix your cart uses is sub par but speed is likely part of it. Also if you are used to turbo mode on an emulator that can also change things for people, I mention it mainly as I meet it often enough.