World of Final Fantasy (Need help)

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    So i have spent the past 3 days which is 25 hours in game time playing WOFF on my vita running Henkaku r7 via Maidump.

    Now i was playing WOFF and had just started Chapter 17/22 when all of a sudden i recieve an error "code C2-12828-1 saved core exceeded". Which forced me out of the application and when i loaded up my saved data guess what? It gave me my old save data from 2 days ago when i was only 6 hours into the game.

    Now quite frankly im kinda pissed but it is my fault since vita hacking and the scene in general isnt as cracked as lets say the 3DS scene.

    But thats beside the point.

    What im here to ask is if there is any way i could edit my saved data to play from chapter 17. I just want to either edit my saved data to play from chapter 17 or if thats not possible then does anyone have a save file that they could upload which is either on chapter 17 or somewhere close to it

    I was loving World of final fantasy and this whole experience has left a bad taste in my mouth now.

    Can anyone help?
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    want a post game save?
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