Woot! Fixed a broken power switch

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    Jan 5, 2007
    I've had a dead DS for a while. My son's DS lower screen started acting up, so I did a quick screen swap with the dead one, and corrected that problem. In my haste when reassembling, I snapped the power switch.

    Did some searching around, and read up on replacing the broken switch. Even though I used a 15w Iron and was ultra careful, I lifted a couple of pads from the motherboard of the dead DS (it's really really dead now. :-) ). Well crud.

    Did some more digging and found a single post here where someone disassembled a good power switch and used the guts in a broken one.

    It was easy enough. Biggest catch was putting the slide switch down first and then insert the spring. Snap it all back together and done

    Never even had to fully remove to broken switch. Just the two solder points that hold the cover down.