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    Since i live nowhere near places where Nintendo events have been held ( and I do not know anyone who attended the events), it is impossible for me to obtain wondercard like for pokemon games. I know that this post may not be in the right section but please do forgive me. I can't exactly find any other more suitable section. Any way, i would like to ask if any one is kind enough to pass me a save file with the pokemon wonder cards namely the eon ticket, the aurora ticket, the mystic ticket adn the old sea map. This is the best possible way for me to obtain the wondercard without using gameshark or action replay. besides i want to pass on the wonder card to my other GBA games. OK, so this is kind of cheating as well but i guess it is the most 'legitimate'. Please do not pass me save files where the wondercards are obtained through cheating. I am sorry for making this post so longwinded. If you want to pass the save file to me, you can pm me for my email address or upload it to the downloads section. It does not matter which version it is since i have all of them ( but none with any legitimate wondercards). Thanks! I hope this request is not illegal. If so, i apologise.

    EDIT: Found the answer already. Thanks a lot.
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