[WIP] FE Fates Rebalancing Patch

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    I am working on a hack to rebalance FE Fates a bit, with my main goals being to tone down the most powerful units and bump up the weaker units so that the gap between them is much smaller than it is in the base game, as well as a few other changes to weapons and items that were too strong.weak for their cost.

    I will be focusing first on Conquest primarily, with Birthright and Revelation coming after.

    I also have a version just for funsies which reduces all class-bases pair up stat bonuses to 0. I'm not sure if it actually makes the game any better, but as someone that is very much not a fan of pair up in general I think it's worth experimenting with.

    Incorporated Mods
    This patch includes the following hacks by Unassuming Venasaur:

    Installing this requires the usual extract rom, replace files, repack rom (see spoiler). The layered romfs method may work for Luma, but I have not tried it myself so I cannot say for certain.

    Installation Instructions

    My current list of changes, which I believe are all working correctly, is as follows:

    1.1 Changes

    Ideas and suggestions are welcome, of course, though please keep in mind my ability to implement anything beyond the scope of FEF Editor and Nightmare is minimal at best.

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    If it makes Nyx better, lol.