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Feb 12, 2018
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I am working on a hack to rebalance FE Fates a bit, with my main goals being to tone down the most powerful units and bump up the weaker units so that the gap between them is much smaller than it is in the base game, as well as a few other changes to weapons and items that were too strong.weak for their cost.

I will be focusing first on Conquest primarily, with Birthright and Revelation coming after.

I also have a version just for funsies which reduces all class-bases pair up stat bonuses to 0. I'm not sure if it actually makes the game any better, but as someone that is very much not a fan of pair up in general I think it's worth experimenting with.

Incorporated Mods
This patch includes the following hacks by Unassuming Venasaur:

Installing this requires the usual extract rom, replace files, repack rom (see spoiler). The layered romfs method may work for Luma, but I have not tried it myself so I cannot say for certain.

1. To extract the rom you will need a special program to do so. I use HackingToolkit3DS, available at Other options exist that will also work, but for clarity's sake the instructions below assume HackingToolkit3DS.
Note: if you use HackingToolkit3DS, the version of that program that you will need depends on whether your rom is encrypted or decrypted. Decrypted roms use version 9, encrypted roms use version 11. It will not work if you use the wrong version.
With HackingToolkit3DS you will need to install it, and then put your rom in the same folder as the HackingToolkit.exe and then run the exe. Choose to extract your rom (make sure you choose the correct option for whether your rom is a .3ds or .cia file), follow the prompts and choose No when asked if you want to extract the code.bin file. It will take some time, and will say when it is finished.

2. Once your rom is extracted you should have a number of additional files and folders in the folder where your rom and HackingToolkit.exe were. The important one is the ExtractedRomFS folder. Open it, and copy into it the “GameData” and “m” folders included in the Fates Rebalanced download. Choose yes when prompted to merge folders and copy/replace files.
If you want to use the version with 0 class pair up bonuses, also replace the GameData.bin.lz in ExtractRomFS\GameData with the GameData.bin.lz from the “0 Class Pairup GameData” folder. This is the only file that is different between the two versions.

3. Rebuild the rom. To do this, run the HackingToolkit.exe again, and this time choose to rebuild your rom (again, make sure you input the correct option depending on whether your rom is a .3ds or .cia file). Follow the prompts and when it is finished it will say so. The rebuilt rom should be larger than your original, and will have “_Edited” in it's file name. So if your fates rom was Fates.3ds, your rebuilt rom should be called Fates_Edited.3ds. If all was done correctly, the rebuilt rom is ready to use.

Note: to install the version with 0 class pairup bonuses, use the gamedata.bin.lz from the Fates Rebalanced\Fates Rebalancing 1.1\0 Class Pairup GameData folder instead of the one from the Fates Rebalancing 1.1\GameData folder.

My current list of changes, which I believe are all working correctly, is as follows:

Characters & Items
  • Ryoma: Raijinto reduced to range 1 only and from +4 strength to +2 strength when player controlled (except for chapter 6). As an enemy in Conquest and Revelation he will have the unnerfed Raijinto.
  • Xander: Siegfried reduced to range 1 only and from +4 defense to +2 when player controlled (except for chapter 6). As an enemy in Birthright and Revelation he will have the unnerfed Siegfried.
  • Corrin: Yato stat boosts cut in half for all versions
  • Gunter: growths significantly increased, still not very good but at least aren't aggressively awful.
hp growth: from 15 to 35
str growth: from 5 to 30
skl growth: from 5 to 50
lck growth: from 15 to 50
def growth: from 5 to 40
res growth: from 5 to 30
  • Felicia: Base Str increased by +3
  • Arthur: Gains Clarity skill when joining in Conquest 7 (recovers from stat reductions twice as fast, non-inheritable). Base Skl increased by 3 and Skl growth increased by +15%
  • Odin: starting level increased from 5 to 7, stats increased to match when joining in Conquest 8.
Base HP from 5 to 7
Base Str from 5 to 7
Base Mag from 2 to 4
Base Skl from 7 to 9
Base Spd from 4 to 6
Base Luk from 8 to 10
Base Def from 3 to 5
  • Nyx: Skl and Res growths increased by +15%. Base class changed from Dark Mage to Witch, and secondary class set changed from Outlaw to Dark Mage. Heartseeker skill replaced with Shadowgift
  • Beruka: Gains Lunge skill and Duelists Blow skill, and also joins with a Hand Axe in Conquest 10. HP and Def growths increased by +10%
  • Selena: Kodachi replaces Bronze Sword when joining in Conquest 10. Str, Skl, and Res growths increased by +10%.
  • Camilla: Changed from level 1 Malig Knight to level 15 Wyvern Rider, and stats reduced appropriately. Thunder tome replaced with Raider Axe. Still has Rank D in tomes
Change Level from 1 to 15
Change Internal Level from 15 to -1
Base HP from 12 to 10
Base Str from 12 to 9
Base Mag from 5 to 3
Base Skl from 9 to 6
Base Spd from 14 to 11
Base Luk from 12 to 10
Base Def from 10 to 7
Base Res from 9 to 7
  • Laslow: HP and Str growths increased by +10%.
  • Peri: starting level increased from 10 to 12, stats increased to match when joining in Conquest 12, secondary class set changed from dark mage to outlaw
base hp from 8 to 9
base str from 7 to 8
base skl from 4 to 5
base spd from 8 to 9
base luk from 6 to 7
base def from 5 to 6
base res from 7 to 8
  • Charlotte: starting level increased from 10 to 15 when joining in Conquest 13, stats increased to match
base hp from 9 to 13
bse str from 8 to 12
base skl from 4 to 7
base spd from 7 to 10
base luk from 7 to 10
base def from 4 to 5
base res from 1 to 2
  • Tonics: limited to 2 tonics per rod/staff shop level and doubled price. I wanted to cut their effect in half, but can't do that with just Nightmare and FEF editor.
  • Asugi's Confect: removed from Hoshido event pool
  • Rainbow tonic: removed from Nohr even pool
  • Goddess Icon: luck bonus from 4 to 2, price halved and shop stock doubled
  • Rescue: max range from 10 to 5, charges from 2 to 10
  • Silver Weapons, including Ragnarok and Rabbit Spirit: Stacking str/skl penalty removed, instead makes user easier to double (-5 effective speed). Price increased to 5000
  • Magic Weapons: (Levin Sword, Bolt Axe, ect): price increased to 5000
  • Most promoted classed with axes to two weapon types have their max rank for both set to A (so Heroes can now reach A swords and A axes instead of A swords and B axes)
  • Maid/Butler: Max Dagger rank increased from B to A, still have max S rank staves.
  • Master Ninja: Unchanged
Child Paralogues
  • Child Paralogues changed so children that started as allies instead under player control, except for Forrest and Kana

Ideas and suggestions are welcome, of course, though please keep in mind my ability to implement anything beyond the scope of FEF Editor and Nightmare is minimal at best.


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