WinDS PRO DSi 2.0.3 EN (NDS Pack)

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  1. lainz

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    Nov 16, 2008
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    WinDS PRO DSi 2.0.3 (ENGLISH)
    Nintendo DS & GBA Emulator Pack.

    (This pack now DON'T includes firmware, bios files or ilegal no$gba versions.)

    Download Links:

    WinDS PRO DSi 2.0.3 EN
    (new RAR File size 6,39 MB.)

    Rapidshare Link:
    WinDS PRO DSi 2.0.3 EN (Rapidshare)


    Changes (v.DSi 2.0.3):
    New iDeaS
    New NO$PMP 0.35b

    Changes (v.DSi 2.0.2):
    New NO$PMP 0.35a
    New NO$WTT 0.35

    Changes (v.DSi 2.0.1):
    New iDeaS beta
    New myZoom 1.8.28

    Changes (v.DSi 2.0.0):
    Reduced size of skins
    New iDeaS alpha

    Changes (v.DSi 1.0.0):
    Legend of Zelda Skins
    Nintendo DSi Skins


    VBA-M Runtimes: DirectX, C++ 2008 Redist & OpenAL.
    Runtimes (Mediafire)

    - Rominator 2008 (rom info / renamer / organizer)
    - TinyTrimmer (rom trimmer)
    ROM TOOLS (Mediafire)

    NDS Stylus for Cursor FX
    NDS Stylus (Mediafire)


    No$gba | NDS Emulator + Tools

    - NO$GBA 2.6 (free version)
    - NO$MOOZ 1.0
    - NOZ 2.3
    - myZOOM 1.8.28
    - NO$GBA 2X 1.0
    - NO$PMP v0.35b & NO$WTT v0.35

    iDeaS | NDS Emulator

    - iDeaS

    Visual Boy Advance | GBA Emulator

    - VBA 1.8 beta 3
    - VBA-M 781
    - VBA Link 1.8


    Filter: nocash / opengl.
    Cheats: gamesharks, action replay.
    Mic: yes.
    Joypad: yes.

    Zoom: Zoom No$gba 100%, 150%, 200% / FullScreen.
    Filter: Antialising 5x.
    Speed: Auto / 10ms - 500ms.

    Zoom: Zoom No$gba aspect ratio 1:1 to 4:2.
    Filter: Hq2x/Hq3x/Hq4x.
    Speed: Refresh Rate: 1 to 100. Default 60.
    Skins No$gba: yes.
    Rotation: yes.

    Zoom: Zoom No$gba / FullScreen.
    Filter: Scanline, 2xPM, 2xPM lq, hq2x, Scale2x, 2xSaI, Super 2xSaI.
    Speed: Vsync / FPS from 20FPS to 60FPS. Default 60.
    Skins No$gba: yes, resolutions from 1152x864.
    Rotation: yes.

    NO$GBA 2X
    Zoom: Zoom No$gba 200%.
    Filter: Bilinear, Hq2x, Scale2x.
    Speed: Vsync / FPS from 6FPS to 60FPS. Default 60.
    Rotation: yes.



    WinDS PRO: Lainz
    NO$GBA: Martin Korth
    NO$MOOZ: NO$MOOZ dev
    NOZ: Omed (Tenken3)
    myZOOM: Testerhook
    NO$GBA 2X: Digitalspider
    iDeaS: Lino Maglione
    VBA: VBA Team
    NO$WTT: lo585983
    NO$GBA.cht: Digitalspider

    NO$MOOZ english translation by Lainz.
    NOZ english translation by Setya5785.
    NO$GBA 2X is NDS2XGL, only changes background photo.
    NO$GBA.cht cheat base for no$gba.
  2. eric_4_life

    eric_4_life GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 10, 2008
    Wait... Is this a softmod for imported jap dsi that can now have english menus and run ds and gba roms?
  3. neonix

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    Sep 3, 2007
    United States
    No, I believe this is just a compilation of DS emulators for Windows.