Wind Waker Save editor?

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    Mar 11, 2014
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    Right, the following situation emerged from my own stupidity but here goes:

    Bought a used copy of Wind Waker because I sold mine a few years back and I really wanted to play it again.

    What I forgot to do was buy a memory card to save my progress which I didn't notice until after several hours of playing.

    Anyway, I ordered a memory card from the internet and decided to leave my wii on until it arrived.

    I got Really far into the game when one evening (before the memory card arrived) I accidentally knocked the power button on the wii when I was reaching for something near to the wii.

    So my memory card arrived and I have lost all the progress I achieved!!!! BAD TIMES!

    So now I would like to know whether there is a program/software where I can hack a save file on my PC and edit it to where I got to in the game and then transfer it to my memory card via GCMM

    Somebody please tell me this is possible, and I mean editing the gamesave on my PC not on the wii and not using Ocarina as cheats don't work on my wii.