Will using a hard drive work?

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  1. iLuvWaffles

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Here's the situation:
    I have a Wii that's updated to v4.3U and I did that to update Black Ops (I needed WiiShop). I used to use NeoGamma v8 but it got patched.
    Logically, I tried NeoGamma v9 beta 47, but that kept getting the 1208 error message. Apparently it was because it had to be a DVD-R, which it was and I needed cIOS's. I installed cIOS's. It still got the message. The worse part is that I originally updated my Wii to play Black Ops, and now not only can I NOT play black ops, I can't play ANY of my games! My legit games still work on disc channel.

    PLEASE help me out!
    I already tried Softchip, which was patched.
    Darkcorp didn't work, it just kept saying error when I tried to play a game on the disc channel and I had to eject the disc.

    I don't want to waste money on a hard drive if it won't work, so I need confirmation.

    I'm willing to add more details as needed.

  2. egurgle

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    May 9, 2010
    Do u have any forwarder installed? if u have one, them u can rehack ur wii using forwarder to load hackmii installer and get back HBC + bootmii. then install ios 236 + cIOS 202, 222, 223,224, 249 and 250 + priiloader.
    U can do that using ModMii: http://gbatemp.net/t207126-modmii-for-windows.
    But if u dont have any forwarder installed, then u will need SSBB, Indiana PWS or YugiOh original disc to run hackmii installer.
    Do that and you will be fine to play again