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  1. IrakoSeigen

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    Jan 29, 2009
    well I'been posting and it was time to introduce myself
    my name is Gabirel and I'm pretty sure I'm the only Uruguayan member in this forum (despite the 52,900 members) and in my country se are used to make long introductions...
    I have an NDS lite and I'm currently studying software develpment... I'm 17 and this is my 3rd year in this career...
    I'd like to learn about NDS software... that's why I got into this forum... because I want to learn :S

    well any info you could send me about that term would be really useful...
    I'm also going to buy a new flashcart but I can't decide which....

    I am an RPG fan so I love games such as final fantasys and old SNES RPGs... action RPGs, graphic novels, and strategy
    I also like castlevania, pokemon, advance wars, etc...
    I'm a square-enix fan... I follow Its titles...

    well thanks for your attention... and sorry about my written english (which sucks... I'm good at speaking...)

    see ya~

    PD: I don't like wii... It was nintendo's biggest failure...
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    Jul 17, 2008
    Welcome to GBAtemp!

    Though your probably not gonna make many new friends with your hate for the wii...... [​IMG]

    Just kidding [​IMG]
  3. IrakoSeigen

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    Jan 29, 2009
    maybe that's the reason I have 36 views and only one reply [​IMG]

    I don't hate the wii... I only think with all nintendo's potential they could have made something better... and they don't buy me only with a new control... they need to make a true console...
    and I just don't find that on the wii... that's all... I don't hate it... I just see it more like than a toy... than like a console...

    that's the opposite on the DS and all nintendo's portables... I love ALL game boy series... and now the DS...

    that's it... nintendo dissapointed me... I thought wii was going to be FAR a good console... and it even doesn't have an HDD... xD