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    Apr 20, 2015
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    First Question fellas,

    I know that the WiiU doesn't support WiFi-AC (at most it can support WiFi-N). However, does this mean that the WiiU simply cannot benefit from the Higher Connection Speed or does it mean that the WiiU won't connect to the WiFi period?

    I'm in the market to buy a new wireless router as the signal isn't great (I'm living in what most would consider a Guest House- separate from the Main House (which houses the WiFi- G router). The Router is in a fixed location that cannot be moved unless I use an extremely long Ethernet cable and have wires everywhere in the main house (landlord's house) from the kitchen into the living room.

    My main concern is the broadcasting range and honestly, the WiFi-N routers may suffice. I'm thinking long-term though and wouldn't mind a Wifi-AC router. I just don't want to invest in a router and the WiiU simply not be able to connect to the Router's WiFi.

    Beamforming from an AC-router seems like an interesting point. (in which WiFi is broadcasting almost directly to devices, rather than broadcasted like a net or bulls-eye from the modem).

    Living Situation/Devices used:
    PS4 - gaming online
    WiiU -gaming online
    Laptop -gaming online, downloads
    Netflix -streaming

    Usually the household is playing a game online while someone else is downloading or watching netflix. So I reckon, try to keep in mind the N vs AC argument with potential of heavy load. I know that ultimately the ISP speed cap and distance/obstructions will affect the overall performance. Though it looks like a Wifi-N router is my best bet.

    Second Question:
    Dualband or single band? I live out by a lake- countryside etc so not really heavy traffic out here. I do use bluetooth alot and have heard that it interferes with single bands.

    Thanks y'all!

    Long Story short:
    Can I use a WiFi-AC router with WiiU? (maybe using 2.4GHz channel instead of the 5GHz channel?) Or will I need to get, at best, a WiFi-N router?
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    before jumping to a new router try:

    wifi range extender

    better antennae for the main router if they are removable

    if you do settle on a new router the dual band models will provide 2 networks 2.4ghz/5ghz and the wii u will connect to the slower/older.
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