Wiimc settings.xml NTFS write issue

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    Oct 1, 2010
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    Hi everyone, I am a newbie to the world of Wii homebrew. I tried to get my wiimc running with my 1TB Hitachi Simple Drive without success. As soon as I get into wiimc through the wiimc 1.4 channel forwarder, it complains about my apps/wiimc folder in my HDD is not writable.

    Here is my spec:
    Wii 4.2u soft-modded
    my HDD is hitachi simpledrive 1TB, with 100G partitioned for WBFS, 900G for NTFS
    wiimc 1.4 channel forwarder with ios 58 installed.
    wiimc 1.0.9 on my HDD (NTFS partition) @ usb1:/apps/wiimc

    I thought it must be some kind of a read-only thing for NTFS, so I went back to window XP and do a cmd line "attrib -r -s e:\apps\wiimc". Since then, my wiimc forwarder channel doesn't even take me to my boot.dol in usb1:/apps/wiimc, the channel simply kicks me out to the wii main menu.

    The weird thing is, if I drop wiimc 1.0.9 into my SD and run it w/ HBC, everything works, it can read all my home video and pictures from my NTFS HDD.

    Your help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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    Drop WBFS for FAT32!!!