wiikey launch wii problems (syscheck) help please

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    Mar 20, 2006
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    Hi! I have a 4.3 U launch wii with Wiikey 1, and i'm having some problems that probably have something to do with me installing IOS and cIOS in the past.

    1. can't install wads (Waninoko loses wiimote connection when i select ios 249)
    2. At some point I lost the ability to play PAL games...
    3. Can't boot wads from SD card or transfer/copy them to wii.
    4. Was unable to install IOS236 yesterday... error in the installation
    5. Some disks cause disk errors while others of the same title don't (this could just be due to the disk?)

    I've installed some IOS/cIOS over the years, most when trying to get Beatles rock band to work, and i'm sure i've done something wrong along the way. here's my sys check. Can anyone guide me from here please?

    sysCheck v2.1.0b19 by Double_A and R2-D2199 Nano
    ...runs on IOS58 (rev 6176).

    Region: NTSC-U
    System Menu 4.3U (v513)

    Drive date: 2006.05.26
    Homebrew Channel 1.1.0 running on IOS58
    HomebrewFilter ist nicht installiert
    Hollywood v0x11
    Console ID: 33661574
    Boot2 v4
    Found 139 titles.
    Found 45 IOS on this console. 15 of them are stub.

    IOS4 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS9 (rev 1034): No Patches
    IOS10 (rev 768): Stub
    IOS11 (rev 256): Stub
    IOS12 (rev 526): No Patches
    IOS13 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS14 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS15 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS16 (rev 512): Stub
    IOS17 (rev 1032): No Patches
    IOS20 (rev 256): Stub
    IOS21 (rev 1039): No Patches
    IOS22 (rev 1294): No Patches
    IOS28 (rev 1807): No Patches
    IOS30 (rev 2816): Stub
    IOS31 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS33 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS34 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS35 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS36 (rev 3608): No Patches
    IOS37 (rev 5663): No Patches
    IOS38 (rev 4124): No Patches
    IOS40 (rev 3072): Stub
    IOS41 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS43 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS45 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS46 (rev 3607): No Patches
    IOS48 (rev 4124): No Patches
    IOS50 (rev 5120): Stub
    IOS51 (rev 4864): Stub
    IOS52 (rev 5888): Stub
    IOS53 (rev 5663): No Patches
    IOS55 (rev 5663): No Patches
    IOS56 (rev 5662): No Patches
    IOS57 (rev 5919): No Patches
    IOS58 (rev 6176): USB 2.0
    IOS60 (rev 6400): Stub
    IOS61 (rev 5662): No Patches
    IOS70 (rev 6912): Stub
    IOS80 (rev 6944): No Patches
    IOS222 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS223 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS249 (rev 65280): Stub
    IOS250 (rev 65535): Trucha Bug ES Identify NAND Access USB 2.0
    IOS254 (rev 65281): BootMii
    BC v6
    MIOS v10

    Report generated on 2013/01/31.
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    It looks like you've used Nintendo update and the only things to survive are HBC, cIOS250 and BootMii IOS254. The rev 65280 for 222, 223, and 249 is the Nintendo stub and the no patches on IOS80 (SM IOS) means so playing WADs from SD. Now I can't remember if it's the System Menu or the SM IOS that broke region free, leaning toward the System Menu. But with a launch Wii you can downgrade it without worries.

    You pretty much just need to re-mod your Wii, use ModMii. You can downgrade to SM 4.1 and be sure to install Priiloader to block disc and online updates

    With your current setup you should still be able to use cIOS250 to install WADs if you really want... use Wad Manager 1.7, MMM, or WiMod. With MMM and WiMod you have to change the IOS before starting the built-in wad manager (think they both startup using IOS58).
  3. elmnt61

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    Mar 20, 2006
    United States
    Thank you SO MUCH for the response. That's precisely what happened --- i always feared that my siblings would update my wii while I was away, and eventually they must have.
    So right now is Region Free & playing WADS from SD the only things i'm really missing? (assuming i can install wads with 250? I'll have to try that later).

    Is the "remod" process a softmod? Or does it take advantage of my wiikey? (or is that irrelevant). thank you!