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    i recently recieved my wiikey + wiiclip in the mail, and installed it as instructed

    it then updated fine and i configured it to become region free etc

    then i tested my first backup, and YAY!

    but the problem i am having is not to do with getting them to run, the issue is that the wii is being very weird

    for example, i recently got a backup of warioware smooth moves (PAL), i inserted it into the wii and got a DRE...
    thinking i had burnt it too fast, i reburned it at 2x and when i inserted it, it read the disk, but gave a black screen when booted...
    i then tryed booting it through Gecko OS, and....it loaded fine and played fine :S (this applys to both disks burnt, they both worked through Gecko OS)
    what is weird is that i have a PAL wii and it had to be booted through a region free program, and that it wouldnt boot via the wii disk channel, just gave a black screen

    also, what i find weird is that my wii seems to think its region free (as it seems to play both PAL and NTSC games fine other than the recent warioware), but when i first inserted a NTSC disk, it asked to update, even though i was already on the highest FW and my wiikey was set to block FW updates

    if i dont update, the backups load, but appear as an update in the disk channel

    if i do install the update, both PAL and NTSC games work fine (except warioware as explained above) but i get duplicate channels, though my wii still says im using the 3.3e update not 3.3u

    the question im asking is if there is an easy way to get NTSC and PAL backups working, without all this update stuff, and why warioware is acting so weird (booting through Gecko OS, and not via the Disk Channel)

    also, all the previosu NTSC and PAL games booted fine via the disk channel, not via Gecko OS, only warioware has this issue...

    thanks for the help guys, hopefully i can get this sorted out
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    Sep 3, 2008
    try this: disable de update block on wiikey config, then, if the game has an update, run it, then try again - your game and the Wii is PAL ok? I had the same problem with SSBB. Apears thar has someone in the game updates, that arent in the internet updates.