WiiFlow Wont Load Wii Backups

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    Oct 20, 2014
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    I have homebrew channel up and running and I have been using USB Loader GX to play my backed up Wii games off an external USB hard drive.

    I decided to install WiiFlow so I could play all my backed up roms and Wii games off one external USB drive.

    I partitioned my external 500 GB hard drive with FAT32 32kb sectors as the main partition and the second partition as NTFS for the backed up Wii games. I have Nes, Snes, Nin64, game cube backups on the Fat32 32 kb partition. WiiFlow sees the Game Cube games on the Fat32 partition and the Wii games on the NTFS partition, but when I select any game it starts to load and then the screen goes black and locks up. I then have to reset the Wii.

    Wiiflow file manager see's the games and I installed the Wii back ups with Wii back up file manager, so I know they are labeled properly, and the games were all working ok with USB Loader GX before.

    I have the most recent version of Wiiflow.

    Is USB Loader GX interfering with WiiFlow?

    Should I follow these instructions to re-install Wiiflow? https://sites.google.com/site/wiiflowiki4/installing-wiiflow They are 2 years old and wasnt sure if there is something better out there.

    I have been having trouble finding a tutorial on fixing this problem, any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks guys.