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    Jan 9, 2016
    United States
    i have everything working so flawlessly with wiiflow, i have source menu set up with all my different systems, however it doesnt seem to like the gameboy section.

    i have, and prefer, all the gameboy, color, and advance games under one header. and i had them launching through vbagx, but it didnt like original gameboy games. i could open vbagx and load the game manually, but it wouldnt load through wiiflow.

    my quick solution was to switch to wiimednafen, and i simply changed the ini to launch with that instead. kept them still in the vbagx folder and everything. that seemed to work, but not it is having problems with pokemon fire red, and emerald (GBA games) it will load other GBA games, but doesnt like those 2. i just get a white screen. i can load them in vbagx so im fairly certain the roms are good.

    now i realize i could in fact seperate my gameboy games by individual system, but i dont have that many of them so it seems to make more sense to group them, so if i can get any help that would be awesome.

    im not sure i grasp all this stuff as well as i could, like there are dol files in the plugin folder under wiiflow. are those the whole app? like i still have vbagx installed in the app folder. but i dont think i have wiimednafen in there, so im guessing that dol in the plugin folder is the whole app. my SD card reader stopped working last night so i cant get into it to check anything right this second.
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