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Aug 2, 2013
Hi, I've just updated my Wii to latest firmware, d2x (v10-beta53-lt), HBC (1.1.2) and wiiflow 4.1.3
Also I've just reinstalled wiiflow forwarder with the "official "wiiflow-channel-installer v1.1. The forwarder is loading WiiFlow from HDD.

Now, when I launch wiiflow I see the forwarder closing animation, then 6 seconds of black screen, then the wiiflow opening animation (when the wiiflow animation starts, also the blu dvd led lights up for a couple seconds). Wiiflow then works fine.

Is this normal (the 6s delay and dvd light) ? I don't remember that from before the update, but it was some time I didn't use the wii, so it could be just me not remembering....If it is not normal, what can the cause be? Does it really take this long to load wiiflow from the HDD or SD? Is there a way to figure out it the HDD is being used in USB1 or USB2 mode?

More details on my configuration:
Wii 4.3E fully updated (so latest cios 58 etc). d2x cios beta53-alt installed on 249 from base 56, and on 250 from base 57. The only other modified IOS I have are 254 with bootmii and 236.

I tried launching wiiflow with both the SD inserted and removed and also launching WiiFlow from HBC either from HDD or SD, even with the HDD removed, but the delay is always there (so I doubt there is a problem with the SD or HDD). SD freshly reformatted in FAT32 16k clusters. HDD is USB2 and also in FAT32 and chkdisked fine in windows.

During the black screen, the wiimote led turns off and back on twice (but doesn't resync).

Another thing that seems a bit slow is: from wiiflow, default theme, with the view that shows a matrix of 5x11 covers seen exactly from the front, if I keep the right button pressed so that it scroll fast to the right, I just see about 10 covers with the real cover image, all the others are not updated fast enough and just show the SD logo.

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