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    Mar 11, 2009
    United States
    Hi, so I dunno if this would be a good place to request this, as i'm not sure that anyone that works on Wii64/Not64 visits these forums, but maybe you know those guys or you yourself could simply answer how feasible this request is:

    Could an option be added in the controller menu so that it believes a GameBoy transfer pack in connected to the back of your controller. From there you would be able to point to a directory/file that is your gameboy rom/save (not sure which you would need, I'd imagine both) so it believes that thats the game in the transfer pack.

    We know that there were a handful of titles that made good use of the transfer pack, but the most well known is of course the pokemon series when connected to pokemon stadium.

    I just think it would be really cool if me and my buddy (we're both playing pokemon red and blue right now at the same time on GB4GB on the Wii), could take those same games we're playing, and then elsewhere on the same wii, upload our mons into the 3D world for battling via Pokemon Stadium.

    I'm sure this isn't an easy thing to do, but I really question if its impossible, it seems at least feasible to me, but I'm no programmer.
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