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    Also, Conkers Bad Fur Day won't work at all on Wii64 and in Paper Mario things in the background (like trees) keep disappearing. BTW they both say partially loading to MEM, while other games say fully loading to MEM. Also BTW I don't have wifi on my Wii.
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    There isn't a Sonic 4 Episode 2 (NTSC) for wii (And There will never be a Sonic 4 Episode 2 on wii it has been confirmed), and its not even out yet for other gaming systems. Theres only 1, and also about Conkers Bad Fur Day, and paper mario on wii 64. The wii 64 is old they haven't made a official version so I think it won't really work with the games your trying to play with, you can probably switch options, but thats it, and AlSO DON'T REQUEST WADS ON HERE YOU WILL GET A WARNING look up the Rules first, before posting or at least Pm somebody.
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    Are you seriously requesting copyrighted content?
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    I forgot
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    Conker's Bad Fur Day won't work until a new Wii64 version comes out (hopefully). Try it on a PC N64 emulator or even better on the real console with real cartridge.
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    Renamed the thread title as I've removed the Warez request. Before making another thread, read the rules, as asking for warez has just got you a warn.