Wii U Without Gamepad Retroarch / Games questions ;D

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    Feb 16, 2015
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    So, i just bought a Wii U without a gamepad for a pretty cheap price.

    Now, i got a gamepad from a friend to use a couple of days, pretty much to just to install haxchi among the softmod.

    Now here are some questions to avoid creating multiple threads over and over and over:

    I just read the "Retroarch" thread, and it says there is a channel for it.. so,
    • Can i navigate trough Retroarch using a pro controller?
    • Can i play Using pro controller for main and wiimote + nunchuck on other players?
    • Once Haxchi is installed [Not CBHC], theres no risk on deleting the DS with it [IF SOMEHOW SOMEONE UNINSTALL IT, not saying it im going to unisntall it, but if someone uninstall it], what i mean is, nothing bricks like CBHC right?
    Im trying to get a list or soemthing similar, of Games for Wii U that support multiplayer without gamepad using Wiimote + Pro controller, so far this webpage its the one that gives kinda of a list:

    And this one does give a list of games without game pad support:

    Does anybody know the games that can be played:
    • Multiplayer using a pro controller + wiimotes for other players?
    I guess that would be all.
  2. Uumas

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    Sep 17, 2016
    Only thing I know the answer to is that if you don't install cbhc uninstalling haxchi game doesn't brick
  3. krueger96

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    Dec 21, 2016
    For retroarch, pro controller works, not sure if you need the gamepad to start the launcher though.
    If you accidentally uninstall the ds game with regular haxchi you won't brick, but you can't uninstall anything without gamepad anyway, because you need it to access system settings. The only way to have it removed is if your hard drive dies.
    Regarding that list, if you don't mind using wired controllers you can play some of those games anyway using hid to vpad with no feature loss. There are some games like bayonetta 1, resident evil revelations and ducktales remastered (there are probably more, i remember these) that allow you to play with the pro controller completely, but require a gamepad to start up, which is very annoying and unnecessary. if you use hid to vpad and a properly configured hid gamepad you can emulate the gamepad and play.
  4. pasc

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    Are you sure ?
    I started Retroarch via forwarder channel, the pro controller gets recognized, but none of my keyinputs do anything to the WiiU Retorarch menu...
    (Pretty much a shame anyway that the WiiU version lacks so many cores... no N64, no PSX etc.)
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