Wii U Upscaler, how good is it?

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  1. Nemix77

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    I know the Wii U can upscale both Wii U and backwards compatible Wii games to 720p/1080p.

    I'd like to know how good is the Wi U's upscaler, is like the Xbox 360 dedicated upscaler with no framerate/performance hit when upscaling both Wii U and Wii titles?

    Or is it like the PS3 upscaler where only games that support upscaling can be upscaled?
  2. Rydian

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    From what I've read, it upscales nearest-neighbor, it doesn't actually render at a higher resolution.

    So it's got no major performance hit and should work on everything, but it's slightly pixelated.
  3. trumpet-205

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    Wii U simply stretches Wii game to 720p/1080p. Most people noticed improved image because the signal is digital at source, compared to component at source for Wii (analog signal degrades as it travels), not because it upscales.

    Wii U does not apply any upscaling filter (which some high end TV will do for 480p/720p signal). PS3 and X360 will apply some degree of filter for upscaling too.