Wii U tablet Charger replacement

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    So I have a puppy. Not sure he counts as a puppy considering he's a 130LB Great Dane that's only 9 months old but I digress.
    Anyhow he chewed the fucky out of my charger for my Wii u tablet. Ironically left the tablet intact, just felt like eating my charger.

    I went to gamestop and apparently they don't sell charger replacements? They sell that stupid charge dock thing but that's not what I'm looking for, I just need another uh into the wall charger.

    Does anyone know if any actual retailers carry charger replacements? Or should I just buy one online if I can find one?

    And why the fuck does gamestop not carry chargers for the damn thing? Lady I talked to told me she has people coming in asking for them all the time and they just don't carry them :|
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    Probably the best thing is to buy directly from Nintendo.

    I see that there's cheap alternatives on eBay but what happens if the AC charger would ruin the GamePad? You'd be screwed and the GamePad isn't something to take lightly because it can cost around $160 or whatever the price is on the internet for it.

    Here's a Wii U GamePad and it costs $164... ouch would not dare to fuck around with it.

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