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    Sooo I bought my Wii U with the Smash/Splatoon bundle a few weeks ago, and since I am in college we have the option of WiFi or Wired connection. I have yet to figure out what the hell the gaming WiFi network is doing wrong, so I borrowed my roommate's LAN adapter and it doesn't work. Do I have to buy the one endorsed by Nintendo or can I use something third party? Maybe even something I can use for other systems such as laptops without Ethernet?
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    the best thing to do for dorm internet is to use a computer to share the connection. this allows the computer to login to the network and then share it to any device. they cant stop you from doing it either.
    in windows 7 and up you can bridge connections. i have done this and i know it works. i used the wifi connection to share a wired connection to the wii U it worked well.I did it to see why splatoon uses so much upload.
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