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    Sep 28, 2018
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    Ok So Im new to this and have loads of questions (Ive softmodded the original Wii so Im not completely new lol). Ok so my goals are the following:

    1) be able to play my old Wii backups from my external HDD to Wii U and hack Wii U to be able to install CFW and play Wii U games on a different USB drive

    Is it possible to do BOTH those on the same Wii U? If so wheres the guide to hack vWii an install usbloader gx to play Wii stuff off your USB?

    As far as the WiiU hacking part goes I already got that covered with the hacking for noobs guide/tutorial on this site so no help needed there

    2) Is it possible to run all the needed Wii U and vWii hacking stuff on one 2 gb SD card (at the same time) after the initial hacks or will I need a separate SD card for vWii and another for Wii U?

    3) I noticed some Wii U files have Updates and DLC, whats the procedure for installing the updates and DLC? do you just install the game to USB using wup installer then after that install he DLC and the updates the exact same way without doing anything different (the only requirement being the game had to have been installed already of course)?

    4) On the subject of DLC most Ive seen has CFW only. When you install these DLCs so you get to seprate game launchers? i,e one with the base game and one with the CFW DLC version? If not how do I just play the base game if I have the DLC installed? I mean if the DLC is like traditional DLC and just adds new area then the obvious answer is just stay away from the new areas until Im ready to go to them. But what if the "DLC" alters the game in some way like adding cheats (such as invincibility) or mods and UI dont wanna use those or go back to the base game. How would I go about doing that?

    5) Lastly I have a few wud files. How do I make them into the files that have a buncha app, tik etc etc files that I need to play the games? Now I have wus2app but I have ZERO clue how to use it cant find any guides and would need a detailed step by step guide on how to achieve what its supposed to do (or recommend me another program that does the same thing easier and already as a guide?)
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    Sep 22, 2010
    1. Guide in this very forum. Check the stickies.
    2. Yes.
    3. Yes. Install games. Install updates. No haxchi required to play. Install DLC with fake tiks you will need to run haxchi first before playing (unless you use cbhc). There are some workarounds for some games for more advanced users to play dlc without haxchi. Its in the tutorials forum.
    4. Dont install the dlc if you want to play base game. I think some games still launch but you dont get access to dlc and you might get an error message. To avoid this run haxchi first or use cbhc.
    5. I dont remember, been a loooong time. Just use wiiu usb downloder app. Its unsupported now apparently but still gives you everything you need or look for funkiiu too. These apps download the game files you need to install from SD to USB.

    By the way you need a decent sized Sd card to install the games. Prob at least 32gb if you want the good ones!
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