WII U Gamepad Battery replacement help?

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    I need help on what I should do to replace the battery. The problem is that it doesn't last long, less than a hour maybe with full charge lowest brightness setting power save on and rumble off. Few years ago nintendo announced their extended battery pack that increased the hours used on it, and i got one. It was and still is $40 i ordered directly from nintendo store online.

    Does anyone have a better and cheaper idea on what I should get? :unsure:
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    I would probably spend it on the real deal rather than some fake Chinese garbage.
  4. arturogalaxy

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    Feb 15, 2018
    I have that chinese fake battery, well mine is supossed to be 3000 or more mAh, but sure is actually 2600, (its exacly like that of ebay). It works pretty well, and two or more years after buying it still last about 3 hours with brightness at max intensity. The low battery light turns on too early maybe at 50%, but over than that, yeah it works pretty well.
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    Nintendo sells replacement batteries by 15$ bucks on their website:

    P.S.: I can't post the link because i'm a new member, but you easily find on store.nintendo!!
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    I didn't like all the crappy 3rd party batteries for the Wii U tablet so my solution was to get a USB charge cable and plug it into a power bank. :\ works fine for the most part.