Wii u External USB Disk unlinking SYSNAND/REDNAND

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  1. tomazzzi

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    Sorry if it s a dumb question but i don't get it.

    Unlinking Sysnand and rednand is suposed to give us a completly independant nand.

    But an USB hard drive formated with rednand is also available in SYSNAND and vice versa.

    Why that ?

    What does the USB disk rely on ?

    Is the rednand really unlinked from the sysnand ?

    Why the format of sysnand also removes the disk association on the rednand ?

    Please experts explain me :)

    Thx !
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  2. thaikhoa

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    I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure that after formatting to unlink the two nands, they are completely separated from its own settings. About the titles can be accessed on the two nands after installing, probably related to SEEPROM.
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  3. tomazzzi

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    Thx for your answer.

    So if i understand well when you format the hd a new id is generated on the SEEPROM.

    This SEEPROM is shared with EMUNAND and SYSNAND.

    So i guess we now need an REDPROM :)
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  4. Filo97

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    wait, now it's possible to install rednand to USB!?
  5. tomazzzi

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    Jul 13, 2007
    not at all.
  6. bobfacemoo

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    Feb 21, 2016
    HDD's are linked to the CONSOLE, not the NAND. Which is why it's accessible on both, still.
  7. CreeperMario

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    (Copy-pasted from another thread)
    Just so that everyone knows:
    • When you create your redNAND, all the stuff that was previously on your sysNAND and USB drive will be available on the redNAND as well, because the certificates and title keys will be copied from your sysNAND to your redNAND.
    • After creating your redNAND, installing something to sysNAND will not be accessible from redNAND, and something installed to redNAND will not be accessible from sysNAND, obviously.
    • After creating your redNAND, installing something to a USB drive via sysNAND will allow the installed title to work on sysNAND, but it will show up as a corrupted title on redNAND because redNAND does not have the certificates and title keys for it (because they are put on NAND for some reason, even for USB installs). The same thing will happen if you install a game via redNAND, the sysNAND will think it is corrupted.
    I'm not sure about unlinking the NANDs or even if that does anything. Let the devs progress this a little further and answers should become more clear.
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  8. xXDungeon_CrawlerXx

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    ISn't it possible to copy the tickets and stuff from SysNAND to RedNAND after installing a new Game on SysNAND?
    I know it is possible on Nintendo 3DS but I'm not sure if it will work on WiiU.
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    I think someone just needs to mod wup installer to support red and now.
  10. Cyan

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    @CreeperMario :
    I think you could add that formatting sysNAND will generate a new consoleID, the existing USB which were created with the old consoleID will not work with sysNAND (obviously, wrong ID) but will also not work with redNAND as the consoleID is stored in the SEEPROM (on the console) and not in the NAND.

    What I don't know :
    the consoleID is not used by anything else than USB? for example savegames? eshop?
    If you format sysNAND, SEEPROM get a new ConsoleID and sysNAND should know about it, it's "linked".
    The fact that redNAND had a previous ID, it's now "unlinked" with the current console ID, but what are the effect on redNAND? any issues to have a different ID?

    What is the purpose of unlinking redNAND, if USB is also unlinked from redNAND?
    You can't add games anymore if the USB is not recognized and would require to be formated again with the new SEEPROM ID, which will make it work on both sysNAND and redNAND again. you'll lose all your currently installed games, whatever the NAND you use.
    if the USB is both linked to sysNAND and redNAND (in fact to SEEPROM), then redNAND is not really unlinked as it's using the same ID again.

    Or maybe there's no ConsoleID stored in the NAND at all, and only SEEPROM is used as consoleID, then there is no "linked" or "unliked" if the NAND has no relationship to compare the ID with.

    Maybe I'm wrong somewhere, but I don't understand.

    PS: I didn't read a lot about it yet. just grabbing information randomly as I read user's comments...